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Backforty Blends

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Backforty Blends provides topical products made from organic ingredients and infused with CBD.


Backforty’s founders, brothers Darris and Bryden Routley, grew up in the country with a focus on family, helping others, and hard work. They spent years working together, whether that was at the farm, running their own construction company, or their ready-mix plant. Their experiences with the hard-working lifestyle, combined with accidents experienced by them and some family members, left them with life-long injuries and chronic pain. Their attempts to find a way to deal this pain led them to CBD research and its benefits for pain relief. They reached out to their cousin Kiley Routley, founder of Back to Earth, who has vast knowledge on formulation, and they decided to start their own company. Thus, Backforty Blends was born, with the goal of combining CBD with proven formulations developed by Kiley and the brothers.

Backforty, in partnership with Pacific Rim Innovations has developed and is currently releasing many wellness products, including Muscle Miracle, Hi-Roller, Re-Leaf. Muscle Miracle and Hi-Roller are Backforty’s flagship pain relief products, formulated with all-natural ingredients and CBD, to reduce pain and swelling like no other products on the market. Muscle Miracle is a 75g jar of muscle cream, whereas Hi-Roller is a pain cream in a 60g roll-on container, with both containing 10mg/g of CBD. Re-Leaf has similar pain-relief properties but is specially formulated to tackle Eczema and Psoriasis and leave the skin feeling refreshed. Re-Leaf comes in a 120g jar so that it lasts longer, with the same concentration of CBD as the other products. All of the Backforty Blends topicals contain Kisolite® BMP – Biogenic Mineral Clay (Canadian Glacial Clay). This clay, which is known to provide its own health benefits, helps to strengthen the Backforty creams and ensure maximum pain relief.


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