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At Wacky Willy’s we have a passion for innovating and supplying ‘solventless’ extraction equipment


Hi there,

It’s Willy here and I just wanted to say thanks for being interested in what we do at Wacky Willys! We are a 30 year brand built on a passion for the growing and evolving cannabis industry. Our phone lines are lit up from professional enthusiasts like you seeking extraction advice, sharing successes and challenges, as well as hashing over innovative ideas looking for creative solutions. This is what excites me! I love talking to those working hard to expand the art and science of cannabis extraction tools and processes. It’s all about helping the industry ensure cannabis products are getting into the hands of patients who can finally benefit from legal access to hemp and cannabis as a medicine. Don’t get me wrong, the recreational market is also wildly important, but for me and my world, it is the medicinal market that has pulled my heart strings and given me a new sense of urgency in innovating. To witness the power of hemp and cannabis healing and to see a world of skeptics discover the benefits of cannabis medicine for the first time…. is incredibly rewarding. It’s this kind of heartfelt motivation that has inspired extreme ingenuity for the new Boomers Commercial Brand at Wacky Willys.

Over the next few months you will start seeing how my team has been harvesting my overflowing wacky brain to build out a brand new wave of professional extraction gear. My mission is simple; I want to help you do what you do best, by carrying the right tools for processing your precious resources.

We hear daily from people looking to upscale, their small operations. They tell us that they just can’t find exactly what they need or that if they do it find the right solution, it is just too expensive, too big or generally out of their medium size scope. I keep hearing that the available processing tools have been outgrown and what they can find as a next step is just not the right fit, hygienic or solventless. They are stuck on a wild goose chase looking all over for fixes or band aids to right size their extraction production growth demand, all while being challenged to ensure product safety and organic purity.

In this industry, I see change daily, it’s an exciting new norm. While changes in cannabis legislation are welcome and necessary for health and safety, they definitely are affecting product availability, packaging and distribution. With international focus on regulations, health and cleanliness the industry needs organic solventless extraction innovation now more than ever.

This emerging midsize commercial market is growing up from small craft workshops into robust operations with production orders that are fast exceeding their extraction equipment capacity. This largely overlooked moderate size industry segment of industrial extraction and concentrate operations all need scalable hemp and cannabis production equipment for their ‘not so small anymore’ operations. This industry change has kept my mind whirling with Wacky ideas to help.

If you have been following my work over the past 20-30 years, you may have noticed that my Wacky innovations and product partnerships have been primarily focused on small operations and individual use. It has been awesome, rewarding and quite humbling to help so many people make solventless products for themselves and others. My original design of all mesh bubble hash Wacky Bags have been in the hands of bubble hash enthusiasts around the world since 1995 and they still leap off the shelves everyday!

My new gear will not only process larger harvests faster and more efficiently, but it will move production into a sanitary environment. The Boomers brand machines and vessels are made of 304L stainless steel construction and are FDA compliant using food/medical grade sanitary welds. No more plastic pails and garbage cans if your company is making compliant medicinal products and food safe edibles!

Along with innovative ideas and a passion for quality, I am proudly providing my customers with direct access to our industry thought leadership. If you call, the Wacky Willys team are here to pick up the phone right here in Canada! This is exactly why my Wacky Canadian Team is so happy to leap out of bed everyday!

In these changing times, Wacky Willys is fully committed to continuous innovation. We are planning to ‘grow’ with you by providing relevant extraction gear designed to be affordable, easy to use, efficiently saving production time/labor, and most importantly scales to your changing requirements.

If the world and business stayed the same, that would be unbelievably boring and nothing new would ever need be created. That is not a world I want to live in. My Wacky mind never stops and I promise never to bore you! Keep checking with us and be the first to see what kind of Wackyness I’ll launch next!




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