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DevoHome produces healthy and natural hemp textile, in Ukraine. Founded by our family in 2008, the company started from the genuine search of natural and hypoallergenic solutions for our own child, affected by allergy problems.

While getting acquainted with the world of hemp in Ukraine, we realized that besides the growth of industrial hemp and production of thread and fiber, at that time, there was a complete lack of finished goods like clothes and textiles. We decided to correct the situation by taking matters into our own hands and creating a company with a full production cycle control - from growth to finished product - guaranteeing our clients the highest quality of merchandise and a caring and honest service.

Hemp is a plant that does not attract pests and therefore it is grown completely free of pesticides or herbicide. It has natural antiseptic properties that allow these products to be naturally HYPOALLERGENIC and PURELY ORGANIC. Bedding and clothing was what we focused our efforts on. Hemp textiles support the body`s natural thermo balance with increased breathability, this way moisture does not built up, but evaporates naturally, providing a comfortable and healthy sleep. You will not feel too cold or too hot under a hemp blanket. This is also a must for children, as the incorrect choice of bed linen could cause them to toss and turn and miss on that healthy sleep that is so important for their development. In short, hemp is highly recommended and beneficial for both adults and children who prefer to embrace a fully natural and healthy lifestyle.

DevoHome team is committed to keep on studying and developing further such a unique product, honoring the centuries long traditions of hemp use in Ukraine. Our ancestors did not know about cotton or flax, they wore hemp clothes, wrapped their children in blankets made of hemp fiber, made woven bags and ropes ... Hemp is a real gift of nature.

In DevoHome we appreciate it and try to pass our love through each hemp product to our customers. We really hope you like it! Sincerely yours, Oksana Devoe, founder.

You can see and buy our products in DevoHome showroom, based in Ukraine, Kyiv (15 K.Malevycha str.). We also sell and ship abroad. We provide a wholesale service to retail or manufacturing business.

If any questions, please, contact me, Oksana Devoe on tel/Viber

+38050 442 77 78 or email me at [email protected]


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