We are a Lisbon based CBD company started in 2018 by two French guys and a British



Fantastic customer service of happy people who care about you and what to be sure you get your package and a smile when opening it, we treat you as part of our family.

Convenience. Our mission is to get you your products in under one hour if you live in a capital city and in under 24 hours otherwise.

Quality. When I say we have literally been across the whole of the European Union, spoken to every farmer we could find and lost many nights of sleep to make our catalogue -well, you’re just going to have to trust me. Why? Amazing products and awesome prices.

Brand: our goal is to invite you to an endless and spiritual journey, rediscover yourself and what you are made of.

We do (lab test for all product certificate for all)

Flowers (GMO-free, selected farm, t …)

Edible( vegan, handmade, strong, gluten-free, with and without chocolate, long conservation because of the cookie by itself and because of the box..)

Oil ( min ingredient, CO2 cold extraction… CBD and CBG, up to 30%)

Cosmetics ( very concentrate, a minimum of additive, only natural)

Packaging: Unique , Jars are waterproof, airproof, and smell proof. 25% hemp and bioplastic, send us back 10 empty and get 1 refill for free.

We do 1h delivery in Lisbon and soon in other big cities

We support artists on each box, we stay in close collaboration with the independent art scene, we promote and celebrate creators, artists on our platforms. You can buy the original print and 100% goes to the artist


Products Sold:
CBD Oil, CBD Oil, CBD Creams, Gels and Lotions, CBD Topicals, CBD Edibles, Hemp Flower, CBD Isolate
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