NurseGrown Organics Hemp and CBD

NurseGrown Organics Hemp and CBD

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NurseGrown Organics is proud to be Vermont’s first Clean Green Certified hemp farm. We grow and make


NurseGrown Organics is proud to be Vermont’s first Clean Green Certified hemp farm. We grow and make products ranging from pre-rolls and oils to salves and chewables. We are fully dedicated to cultivating clean, sun grown cannabis that utilizes only sustainable and responsible farming practices with an emphasis on a healthy living soil.

Our dedication and passion for clean, organic cannabis products, while providing an educational and supportive network for consumers, was the motivation behind starting NurseGrown Organics, and our mission is to educate, support and empower consumers while promoting sustainable, organic agriculture through affordable, premium Vermont hemp products.

At NurseGrown Organics, we believe that the best approach to farming cannabis and hemp is through organic and regenerative cultivation practices focusing on nurturing and building our soils while working to address the causes of and solutions for climate change.

We encourage biodiversity in and around our fields, release beneficial insects to minimize pest pressures and use cover crops, organic compost, and other amendments to build our soil health and sequester carbon.

We never use chemicals or pesticides in the production of our crops, working within and honoring the framework that nature has provided us. We also strive to reduce our carbon footprint and are working towards being fully self sustaining with a net zero carbon footprint.

Each season, we research and carefully choose our hemp genetics, starting all our plants under the Vermont sunshine from reputable seed breeders. We are tireless stewards of the land, hand planting, and harvesting small craft batches of premier Vermont hemp flowers without mechanization. The epitome of craft cannabis cultivation.

As Clean Green certified farmers, we are held to the absolute highest standards for both the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of our crops. From our beautiful flower to our high potency extracts and products, it's our primary goal to provide you with the cleanest cannabis possible.

We passionately believe that organic, sustainable, and responsible agricultural and processing practices benefit the earth, our farm, the cannabis we produce, and ultimately, you.


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