Brand Review: Orange County CBD


Brand Review: Orange County CBD

Orange County CBD is a brand that's leading the UK CBD industry. They provide a variety of innovative CBD products at an affordable price! This review summarizes who they are and what I thought about them!

What is CBD?


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds found in the Cannabis and hemp plants. CBD doesn't make the user high but may have a number of therapeutic benefits. Studies have over the years indicated that it may be a natural solution for many wellbeing problems such as regulating sleep, chronic pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, among many others.

Many of their CBD products are available using full-spectrum CBD. This means that the consumer gets a balance of all CBD compounds present in the cannabis plant. That includes cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. These compounds cause an entourage effect which helps you enjoy the maximum benefits of your CBD product. And yes, full-spectrum CBD contains traces of THC but only at the recommended amount of 0.03% or less (not enough to cause a high).

You can also get CBD products using isolate CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. Isolate CBD is 99.9% CBD whereas broad-spectrum CBD contains the whole profile of the cannabis plant except for THC. Because these two options lack THC, they're perfect for anyone that’s sceptical about the contents of full-spectrum CBD and those that take drug tests regularly.

Who are Orange County CBD? 

Orange County CBD is a market leading CBD manufacturer and seller in the UK and Europe! Since their doors opened in 2019, they have focused on quality, innovation and diversity, leading to a bunch of industry awards in the bag!

They source their CBD from California, where their roots are. Through close relationships with their growers, they are able the get the best quality CBD on the market! As they only use CO2 extraction, which is known to be safer and healthier for consumers, they ensure the highest quality throughout their product range.

In terms of their products, I found that they have a wide variety of CBD products! From tinctures and e-liquids to gummies and topicals, there was so much to choose from.

How did they become a leading CBD brand in the UK?

Orange County CBD became a leading UK CBD company because of the quality products they produce, great customer service, and excellent research before releasing any product to the market. They don’t just offer exceptional CBD product quality, they are also inclusive by offering products at an affordable rate.

They are a one-stop-shop for all your CBD products. Besides having an excellent selection of products, they have a streamlined online ordering process, so you can shop with ease. They understand that CBD products can be confusing to many people, with different products available for different purposes, thus the proper labelling. They also understand the need for fast shipping and they’ve made the delivery process smooth (I managed to get my products the next day!).

No matter how far along you are on your CBD journey, Orange County CBD will have something for you. Even for those at the start of the journey, there are plenty of low and high strength options! Many may feel anxious about trying something new but there is plenty of information on their website which really puts your mind at ease.

What CBD products are on offer? 

Here are my top picks of CBD products available:

500mg CBD oil (30ml) - For those looking for the most affordable oil in the collection, this CBD Tincture is perfect for you. This low-cost option still produces powerful results thanks to the full-spectrum CBD contents.

6000mg CBD oil (30ml) - This is a great option for seasoned CBD users and those prescribed to take highly concentrated CBD.

Pineapple Express CBD E-Liquid (50ml)–This freshly-made Pineapple Express CBD E-Liquid comes with 1500mg of pure broad-spectrum CBD, the perfect balance of effervescent fruitiness and CBD.

CBD Gummy Bears Grab Bag (200mg)–The CBD Gummy Bear Grab Bag includes 10 delicious CBD gummies! It is perfect for all the newcomers exploring the benefits of CBD!

CBD Gummy Worms (Large Tub) Looking for something lasting? Want to have one of the nations favourite flavours in one package? Get this tub with enough gummies to last you several weeks. You get a concentration of 1600 to 4800mg for the contents.

Where does Orange County CBD plan to go in the UK market?

Orange County CBD don’t seem like the typical CBD brand, they seem to always want to be on top! After chatting to their team, I found out a little more about their future plans!

“Innovation is at the forefront of what we do here at Orange County CBD! As we strive to remain in the best spot possible, we are planning to bring out product ranges that meet the demands of the British public and the world at large. Great quality is the key to staying competitive in this market, and that is always our top priority. To get there, we are planning to introduce what we think are the strongest oils on the market in different formats.

 We’ve seen people attempt to copy our recipes however, they just can’t beat it! We’ve created an inclusive product line that truly considers every user and this is how we are going to dominate the UK and Europe CBD market together!”

Review of the 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

From the Orange County CBD range, I tried the 1500mg Full Spectrum Oil for 1 month. This is an unflavoured tincture that is said to have the best benefits as it is full spectrum.

To start with, the buying process was super easy and my oil arrived the next day which was really efficient! The website gave me lots of information about the oil, how it was made and how I should start using it. Just as you’d expect from a reliable brand, they have lab reports for all of their products so it was great to look online and make sure that what is written on the bottle is actually inside the bottle!

The taste was very earthy and natural which was expected. It stayed under my tongue for 30 seconds which wasn’t too bad as the taste is not overpowering. For those that dislike the hemp taste, I’d recommend trying their broad spectrum oils as these come in Apple, Cherry and Mint flavourings!

I found that I had an improved night sleep and overall felt a boost in my mood and wellbeing! I was surprised in the immediate effects of trying CBD and saw differences after just a week of use. The CBD concentration of 1500mg is great for those who need powerful results. If you are just experimenting with CBD, I’d recommend starting with a low strength and working your way up to the right CBD concentration for you!

 Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with Orange County CBD. I thoroughly enjoyed their products and I found the brand to be really customer focused!

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