Can CBD Help with Stress?

If you’ve been paying attention for the past few years, then you’ve probably heard of CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the newest health trend with a wide variety of benefits, which include relieving pain, aiding sleep, and treating epilepsy. Unlike many health trends that have come and gone over the years, the benefits of CBD have been confirmed through scientific research. One of the science-backed benefits of CBD is as a combatant against something that affects over 55% of American adults: stress.

Can CBD Help with Stress?

The Science Behind Stress

When people are exposed to stress, their brains undergo hormonal changes, resulting in behavioral or cognitive disturbances in the affected person. Cortisol and adrenaline are the main stress hormones. The body produces more cortisol and adrenaline during moments of stress and stops production when the stressful event is over. The evolutionary function of this process is to regulate the fight-or-flight response, and it’s a natural part of everyday life. However, it can be damaging when a person experiences intense, prolonged stress or is unable to cope with stress in a healthy way.

How CBD Can Help

Cannabinoid receptors in the human body were first discovered in the 1980s. Cannabinoids, such as CBD, interact with these receptors to produce several different effects, one of which is the regulation of the fight-or-flight response. This is the main reason why people feel relaxed when they take CBD.

In the short term, CBD provides a mood-stabilizing effect that lasts as long as it takes for the body to process it. In the long term, research suggests that CBD can prevent some of the cognitive effects that occur with prolonged exposure to stress. A 2013 study on CBD and stress found that stress-exposed rats receiving a cannabinoid treatment exhibited less memory loss and brain changes, which are similar to the symptoms of anxiety and depression, when compared to the control group receiving no treatment. The implication of this study is that CBD may be effective in treating stress-induced depression in humans.

More research on this topic is needed to understand the true relationship between CBD and stress. However, most scientists agree that there is an interaction between CBD, the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors, and the promotion of a mental sense of well-being. Therefore, CBD can safely be used to manage stress, along with therapy, medication, or exercise.

Where to Buy CBD

It seems like you can buy CBD anywhere these days, from the old lady next door to the gas station down the street. As exciting as it is to see CBD at your favorite convenience store, you should remember that the CBD market is largely unregulated, so finding a quality product can be tricky. Fortunately, we have access to quality CBD products and experts right here in Lewisville TX. JustCBD offers a wide selection of CBD products for a variety of ailments and health concerns. If you’re new to CBD and interested in how it can improve your life, reach out to the friendly experts at JustCBD in Lewisville TX.

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