CBD for Pets with Anxiety

CBD for Pets with Anxiety

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been making headway as a suitable remedy for people with all sorts of ailments, such as chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. But it may also benefit your pets as well! Whether your cat or dog suffers from separation anxiety, or simply becomes nervous from fireworks every Fourth of July, CBD oil may be an option for alleviating anxiety in your furry friend.

CBD for Pets with Anxiety

How CBD Helps Anxiety in Pets

There is a surprising number of similarities in the way in which humans, cats and dogs process CBD. Just like humans, cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system, and it serves the same purpose: reacting to stimuli and promoting homeostasis. For instance, when our bodies signal stress, our ECS prompts the production of cortisol to regulate it.

When the ECS in cats and dogs processes CBD, signals are released that cause their nervous systems to relax, again, just as shown in people.

 You may be wondering, though: can cats and dogs get high from cannabis? This is where the similarities between cats, dogs and humans end. Unlike humans, cats and dogs have a harder time processing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the cannabinoid that makes people high. Too much THC can be highly toxic in cats and Dogs. They do respond to CBD, however, and CBD oil, which usually has a safe amount of THC, can benefit pets by relieving chronic pain and reducing anxiety.


Although CBD is not legal on the federal level, it has been deemed by the World Health Organization as a safe substance for humans and animals. Furthermore, research shows a promise of growth, as this 2018 Cornell Study on dogs demonstrated that 2 mg a day can alleviate painful symptoms caused by osteoarthritis.

Nonetheless, veterinarians still cannot legally recommend CBD to patients. However, they may give their input and guidance on how to use CBD for your furry friend, so long as you’re the one starting the conversation.

If your pet is experiencing symptoms of anxiety, they are likely experiencing either situational anxiety, which is caused by a stressful incident like fireworks, or behavioral anxiety, which tends to be long-term and deeply-rooted, such as separation anxiety. Luckily, both forms of pet anxiety can be assisted with CBD.

CBD for Dogs

Anxiety can spring up in your dog in a variety of ways; separation anxiety is a prevalent behavioral anxiety, but your dog may also experience nervousness due to a traumatic history, especially if they are a rescue or have been moved around between multiple families. Symptoms of anxiety in dogs include panting, pacing, and excessive crying and barking.

While the formal research performed on dogs is minimal, there is a compelling amount of anecdotal testimony. Along with CBD’s status as a safe product, it’s certainly worth a try if it means you will provide your do with relief.

CBD for Cats

As cats are naturally territorial, solitary creatures, many big changes can cause anxiety, such as a new home, additional cat in the household, or the presence of company.

Cats may not like full-spectrum CBD, but they may enjoy a product that includes terpenes, as it provides them the entourage effect. A flavorless tincture to place in their food is strongly recommended.

Choosing the Right Product and Dosage

If you decide to buy a CBD oil tincture, make sure that it’s suitable for your pet by checking that it’s organic, and make sure that it was processed by carbon dioxide or cold press extraction, and that it’s been analyzed by a third-party lab. Especially check the THC level; most CBD oil will have trace THC, but it’s usually less than .03%, which is safe for your pet.

The recommended starting dose for dogs 0.25, twice a day, while cats should start with a much smaller dose .2 mg daily and work their way up to .5 mg daily. Both cats and dogs can take CBD in the form of specially formulated treats, or as tincture drops added to their food.

While CBD may not have extensive research as a treatment for anxiety in pets just yet, the fact that it’s a safe product with a chance of alleviating your pets’ stress makes it worth trying. Just remember to keep an eye out for the right product, avoid products with more than .3% of THC, and choose a low dosage.

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