Can CBD Oil Help Treat Anxiety?

CBD Oil – The already popular medical marijuana product is gaining even more hype, now that it has promised relief from anxiety. Yes, you read that right. Recent researches in this regard claim some promising results.

Can CBD Oil Help Treat Anxiety?

In recent times, the medical marijuana industry has witnessed a significant boom, thanks to the introduction of CBD-based and CBD-infused products. Amongst these, CBD Oil happens to be most popular. It is an oil manufactured using the Cannabinoid (CBD) from Cannabis Sativa. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it does not impose psychoactive effects. Instead, it has proved to treat or help in the treatment of several physical and neurological troubles, including anxiety.

As of yet, it may seem a bit unbelievable to you. But my friend, that's the noteworthy turn the cannabis industry has taken. Disregarding and discarding its former highly illegal and adverse reputation, Cannabis Sativa is now building a greener, healthier reputation with products like CBD Oil. Let's dive into the depths of this topic and unravel together, how CBD Oil promises to help anxiety patients feel better.


Imagine that you are about to deliver a speech in front of the entire nation. What will be your first-occurring emotions? A wave of stress crashing over you, confusion disrupting your flow, and throwing you in a nervous state. Well, in such a case, you are experiencing anxiety.

The actual cause behind anxiety is undeterminable because it varies from individual to individual. One may experience anxiety due to an interview or, even, in decision making. However, some common reasons for concern include:

- Public speaking

- Social events

- Financial crisis

- Unstable relationships

According to the American Psychological Addition, anxiety is a state of mind where one experiences fear, restlessness, stress, and nervousness. Anxiety may also trigger physical reactions, such as low blood pressure, tension in muscles, and rapid heartbeat. Usually, these symptoms vanish with emotion. However, if they persist longer or are frequent, then it may indicate an anxiety disorder.


If we look at Cannabis Sativa's relation with anxiety, then it's quite a bilateral one. Some people claim to have been relieved from anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions, after a marijuana dose. However, a study conducted in 2009 on the same topic suggests that it's the other way round. Although it does not claim that Cannabis increases the risk of developing long-lasting anxiety disorders, it states that frequent cannabis users are more likely to experience anxiety and depression.


Considering CBD, which is the second most dominant and active compound in Cannabis, then it has a slightly positive impact on anxiety, unlike the whole of the pot plant. And since CBD Oil, is an entirely CBD-based product, all researches regarding CBD-anxiety relation applies to it.

CBD Oil helps your brain make effective use of the serotonin already present in the system or may as well increase its absorption. Thus, regulating anxiety. For those of you who are unaware of serotonin's connection with anxiety, low levels of serotonin (a chemical in body) can cause depression and anxiety.

In this regard, researchers conducted a test known as Simulation Public Speaking Test (SPST) in 2011 on a group of 24 people with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), who were never treated for SAD before. One and a half-hour before the test, half of these people received a 600mg CBD dose while the other half received a placebo. The test results of both these groups also got compared to the test results of a group of 12 healthy individuals who do not get any medication. Concluding findings of the report stated that CBD-treated SAD patients who were unlikely to maintain smooth, confident speech, had reduced:

- Cognitive impairment

- Discomfort in speech and performance,

- And overall anxiety issues

These people exhibited better performance in the results than the other half of SAD patients who did not receive CBD. Along with better interaction, they were no signs of anxiety-related physiological symptoms like a rapid heartbeat.

Now, this was, perhaps, a very first study to indicate CBD and CBD based products like CBD oil as a potential treatment of anxiety.

Another study conducted in 2014 on animal models, declared that CBD possesses anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. National Institute on Drug Abuse also confirmed CBD as a potential treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).


When CBD products started becoming commonly available, thanks to all the researches, an analysis of these studies got carried out. According to the October 2015's analysis report of the recent studies, confirmed that there is no doubt in the fact that Cannabidiol Oil is a promising treatment for GAD as well as anxiety-associated disorders, including:

- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

- Panic Disorder

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

But again, the concept of CBD Oil is still young and fresh. The report does not guarantee favorable results of the long-term use of the product. CBD Oil may treat anxiety temporarily. For example, it can help with sleeping issues provoked by stress. But it may not be able to eradicate the anxious feelings for a life permanently. Mostly because anxiety is induced and enforced primarily because of external factors and not internal bodily factors.

2019's study on this subject, also further emphasizes on Cannabidiol's potential to address anxiety-related disorders effectively. Out of the 72 people in this research, anxiety scores reduced about 79.2% in 57 patients, and sleeping scores improved by 66.7% in 48 patients with slight fluctuations.


Up till now, several studies have concluded the usage of CBD oil to be relatively safe. However, no reviews present a universal dosage. A survey conducted in 2017 passed positive remarks related to CBD oil usage, but it also concluded that different people respond to different dosages. The CBD oil consumption used in various studies ranges from 20-1500mg per day.

CBD oil is gaining massive popularity amongst people suffering from anxiety. But, does that mean everyone can use it? Well, while anyone with anxiety can use CBD oil, they should not do so without consulting a medical expert. The dosage requirement for an individual depends upon the body weight, the condition, body chemistry, and concentration of CBD in each product.

Remember that inappropriate dosage intake might trigger undesirable effects, such as drowsiness and headaches. The CBD oil for anxiety might not prove to be effective in case of inappropriate dosage intake. Thus, do not only rely only on the dosage specifications as stated on the CBD oil product, and use it only after consultation with a medicinal expert to address your anxiety effectively.


The CBD-based products get categorized into full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Each type of CBD oil has different compositions and effects.

Full-spectrum CBD oil comprises of all the active ingredients found in a cannabis plant. Hence, you may find traces of THC. However, the THC content is not in such quantity to make you high.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil consists of various cannabinoids, but no THC. It gets composed of selected plant material, and not from the entire Cannabis.

CBD isolate oils have 99% CBD and no other compounds, such as THC and cannabinoids. A product, labeled CBD isolate, guarantees you to offer only CBD. These CBD oil products are also tasteless when mixed with different carriers.

When talking about the best type of CBD for anxiety, the results are inconclusive. Up till now, there are no substantial studies conducted on the effect of every kind of stress, and people usually consume depending on personal preferences. Typically, people prefer full-spectrum CBD oil for worry as it also offers other cannabis compounds apart from CBD.


For a long time now, Cannabidiol has had a reputation for aiding and assisting in the treatment of several brain-associated disorders. These include:

- Schizophrenia

- Depression


- Agitation in Dementia

- Specific seizure disorders


- Bipolar Disorder

In Current Pharmaceutical Design, a study suggests that CBD and CBD Oil may administer similar effects as of the antipsychotic drugs.


According to various studies, such that of 2017 analysis, the usage of CBD oil is relatively safer, but one may experience some side effects. There is a higher chance of obtaining favorable results and reduce anxiety through CBD oil. However, one who is consuming CBD oil for the very first time or intakes other medications may experience adverse effects. These side effects include:

- Weight changes

- Drowsiness

- Gastrointestinal discomfort

- Changes in sleep pattern

- Fatigue


In a nutshell, the usage of CBD oil is an effective way to cope up with anxiety. However, one must consult a medical expert for the appropriate type and dosage specifications.

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