There is a lot of talk at the moment about CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, and its potential advantages for your health, both on the wellbeing scene and in the world of science. Indeed, you might even know someone who has lauded its benefits and swears that CBD is the only thing that helps with their particular health issue. On the other hand, you may have been cautioned away from the product by those who dislike the association with cannabis.


With CBD research still in its relative infancy, the jury remains out on exactly what the effects of long term CBD usage will entail, but studies so far have shown promising results from incorporating it into our lives in one way or another. If you’re curious about exactly what CBD is, how it is extracted, you’re interested in its benefits, or want to know all the different CBD products available to buy in the UK, you’ve come to right place.

In this guide we cover everything you could want to know about CBD oil. We’ll look at where it originated, how it is extracted from the hemp plant and then turned into numerous substances, how much it costs, and its many uses - as both a natural remedy for certain ailments and within various cosmetic products. Discover the forms in which you can buy CBD, the appropriate dosage to take, as well as a guide to all the different types of oils and other CBD products available. Read on!

What is CBD?

CBD, another name for cannabidiol, is derived from cannabis, a plant that has been used in various cultures and for multiple different purposes for millennia. CBD is similar to tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. There are more than 100 cannabinoids to be found in the cannabis plant; of these, THC is the most abundant, shortly followed by CBD. THC is the element of cannabis that makes users feel high; CBD on the other hand, has no such effect - it is not a mind-altering chemical.

Both compounds can be and are used in various remedial treatments, although CBD doesn’t make you feel intoxicated, and doesn’t have the side effects associated with ‘getting high’.

CBD has calming and relaxation properties, and so is used by some to help tackle issues like anxiety and depression. It is also used as a food supplement and in cosmetic products, primarily for its powerful antioxidant properties.

The Difference Between CBD and THC

Despite being so closely related to one another, THC and CBD work by doing different things to your brain. Unlike CBD, THC has psychoactive properties: the chemical compound is recognised by the brain as being similar to a naturally occurring chemical called anandamide. Anandamide aids the transmission of signals from the brain, which means when THC is present, the messages are altered. When received by the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, the effect is an impact on feelings of pleasure, memory, cognitive function, time awareness and on sensory experience.

CBD, on the other hand, has no psychoactive properties. It enters the brain in a similar way to THC, but it does not stimulate changes to the way the user thinks or feels. Indeed, there is significant evidence to suggest that CBD helps to regulate the effects of THC.

Containing many of the benefits from cannabis but without the intoxicating effect, CBD in its various forms is rapidly becoming a popular compound within therapeutic remedies. It is sold as an oil, an e-liquid for vaping, and is also used as an ingredient in various cosmetic products like shampoo and body lotion. CBD is legally allowed for medicinal use, although the compound naturally contains traces of THC. The end product must adhere to a maximum level of THC (0.2%) to be sold legally in the UK.

Where is CBD From?

CBD is not simply extracted from any cannabis plant; it is only present in particular varieties, known widely as the hemp plant. Around 40% of the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant are CBD; but even more abundant is the chemical known as THC which, as we mentioned before, is responsible for the intoxicating high usually associated with traditional cannabis use.

Because of the association of CBD with THC, the issue of selling CBD as a legally therapeutic product has seen a great deal of controversy. While there is categorically no evidence that CBD produces any of the mind-altering effects associated with THC, many mistakenly believe that the two compounds are one in the same. However, this is not totally unreasonable, as the conversation around the topic can be confusing.

CBD is extracted as an oil from the hemp plant, and contains a minute amount of THC. Whether you smoke or ingest it, even in high quantities CBD oil will not get you high. Hemp plants are grown all over the world - from India to the United States, Afghanistan to Jamaica.

How Much Does CBD Cost?

If you want to buy CBD oil, there is plenty available to choose from in the current burgeoning market. The price of CBD oil varies from one retailer to another, and depending on what type of product and what concentration of oil your choose.

At JUSTCBD, you can pick up a packet of edible CBD-infused gummy sweets for £6.99. The standard 30ml of CBD Oil tincture at 100 MG dilution costs £14.99, with the price rising according to the strength. 1000 MG of tincture costs £99.99. This works out at between 0.1 and 0.015 pence per MG, depending on which dilution you opt for.

What Dosage Should You Take?

With so many different dilutions available, it can be tricky to know where to begin. If you’re not an experienced cannabis user, the prospect of selecting a dosage can be daunting. CBD oil is available in 100MG all the way up to 5000 MG. The dosage you should take depends on your reasons for taking it. The more severe your issue, the higher your dosage recommendation is likely to be.

The appropriate dosage also depends on your height, weight and natural body chemistry. Some will respond to smaller doses of CBD; others will require a larger dose to achieve the desired effects.

It’s a good idea to start on a smaller dosage and gradually work your way up to a higher one. If CBD has been recommended to you by a medical professional, consult them to find out which dosage is best for you.

The Benefits of CBD

Studies show that CBD offers numerous health benefits. Here are the main advantages associated with CBD on the modern health and beauty scene.

Pain Relief

CBD products can be used both internally and externally to relieve pain. In fact, cannabis has been used as a pain reducer for thousands of years. Because CBD stimulates the body to produce endocannabinoids, the brain sends signals to the nervous system to release inflammation and reduce tension. This makes CBD effective for treating conditions such as arthritis and MS.


Depression and anxiety can be incredibly serious health issues, especially if left untreated. Several studies have shown that CBD is a great non-pharmaceutical alternative treatment to these mental conditions. This is thought to be because CBD may stimulate the receptors that create serotonin in the brain, which is the chemical responsible for regulating mood and keeping you happy.

Protects Against Cancer

There is also some evidence to suggest that CBD has anti-cancer properties. The antioxidants present in CBD are great for helping to boost your immune system and encouraging your body to become more cancer-resistant. If you’re in treatment for cancer, CBD can also help fight the negative side effects of the chemotherapy and the drugs.

Improves Skin

CBD oils contains antioxidants which help fight off free radicals and keep skin supple and nourished. This is great for dry, damaged or acne-prone skin. There is also evidence to suggest that is can reduce the appearance of scars and discolouration, creating a more youthful and even complexion.


CBD is known to be helpful in relieving symptoms of psychosis. In the same way that it helps tackle the side effects of THC, it can be very helpful for those suffering with schizophrenia and other illnesses that cause psychotic episodes.

Digestive Aid

CBD is a natural appetite and digestion regulator. This is particularly helpful for users who have been ill and have lost their appetite, as it stimulates the desire to feed again which in turn helps the body to heal.

Full Spectrum Vs CBD Isolate

The rising popularity of CBD has led to it being used in numerous applications across multiple product areas. Some of the most popular types of CBD products include: therapeutic remedies; topical skincare; vaping liquids; food supplements, edibles and cosmetics.

The CBD used in these products is from one of two categories of extraction: full spectrum and CBD isolate. We have mentioned these before - now let’s take a closer look at what the two extraction methods mean for the resulting product. What is the difference between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products, and what are their respective benefits?

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is extracted from the whole hemp plant and contains only a very small amount of THC as a result. Some prefer this as it provides the user with the full spectrum of all benefits associated with the hemp plant, as well as the CBD benefits. In high quality CBD products these can include: amino acids, potassium, iron, Omega-3 fatty, Vitamins (A, C & E), phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Fans of full spectrum CBD products believe that it stimulates more reactions in your brain, causing what is known as an entourage effect. This means you’ll enjoy a more powerful and all-encompassing health boost.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the CBD extract with the extra plant materials removed. This gives a higher concentration of the CBD in the form of a concentrated powder. The advantages of this product is that it is pure, odourless and tasteless, making it ideal for producers who want to incorporate it seamlessly into edible products. Any trace of THC also has the potential to be removed with this process, and it is a more cost-effective product at the end, costing less than its full spectrum counterpart per MG.

Types of CBD Oil Products

Oils are the most popular vessel for CBD, but did you know that there are numerous types of CBD oil product available to buy, both online and instore in the UK? Here are the main types that you can buy today.


Pure CBD oil is the most potent version of the product. It is believed that the most powerful and effective oils are those that use the whole hemp plant in the extraction process - meaning the flower, the stalks and the leaves are all used in extraction. This product contains only a trace of THC, so is 100% legal in the UK and is sold in numerous health and wellbeing shops. This oil can be ingested easily: simply take a dropper of oil and place it under your tongue. Allow the oil to sit there in your mouth for 10-15 seconds or so, before swallowing.

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are similar to CBD oils but will one main difference: the CBD is held by a small quantity of distilled alcohol. This makes it possible for users to know exactly how much CBD they are ingesting. Tinctures are often customised by their producers with additional flavourings, colours and other oils to make them more palatable and give them greater aesthetic appeal.

CBD Concentrates

As the name suggests, CBD concentrates contain a much higher concentration of cannabidiol than the average CBD oil. They are ingested in the same way as regular oil and tinctures (a few drops placed in the mouth under the tongue), but they are designed to have a much stronger effect.

CBD Tablets

These capsules make it easy to take doses of CBD without having to put drops under your tongue. CBD tablets can be simply taken with water; however, some users find them to be not as appealing because there is less agency over the precise dose being taken.

CBD Sprays

Another type of CBD product that is popular primarily for its ease of application is the CBD spray. Typically, this can be sprayed into the mouth a couple of times for the same effect as the standard CBD oil drops.

CBD E-liquids & Wax

E-liquids, or vape oils as they are also known, are another popular vehicle for CBD. This is a good option for those who enjoy vaping or wish to benefit from CBD through inhalation. You need a vaping pen or refillable mod vape to use CBD vape oil. CBD wax for vapes is also available for those who want a higher concentration of the compound.

CBD Topical Products

Topical CBD solutions are used in cosmetics. Designed to target specific areas of the body, the solutions are used in products like lip balms, salves, body lotions and muscle rubs. The antioxidant-rich CBD ingredient is believed to boost your immune system, nourish your skin by banishing free radicals, relieve muscle tension and reduce inflammation.

CBD Shampoo & Soaps

CBD shampoos and soaps are another product line that has taken off in a big way. The CBD content is included for its antioxidant properties, and its ability to lock in moisture, protecting hair and skin from drying out.

CBD Food

CBD is used in lots of different edibles. For those who don’t want to inhale or ingest the plain oil, CBD is contained within various foods and supplements, which makes it more palatable and easier to incorporate into users’ day-to-day lives. Popular CBD edibles include: sweets (especially gummies), chocolate, tea, coffee, honey, mineral water, cordial, bitters and nut butter.

CBD Powder

This powder makes it easy to incorporate CBD into your daily diet. It can be mixed into both hot and cold drinks or added to baking recipes. The best CBD powders on the market are made from 100% natural plant extracts with no filler.

There are tons of CBD products available on the market designed by producers to suit the different requirements and personal tastes of their customers. The CPD industry is still a relatively new one, so it’s certain that there are lots more exciting CBD products on the horizon.

Whether you’re a first time or experienced CBD user, there are tons of benefits to be had from this product. With studies continuing to indicate numerous health and wellbeing benefits, we predict that the industry will only go from strength to strength.

For a comprehensive range of the best CBD products available, visit JUSTCBD and browse the ever-growing shop to buy today.

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