Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches?

With the CBD oil usage increasing rapidly, different individuals have reported to experience various symptoms. While some seek refuge in the therapeutic drug, others tend to suffer undesirable symptoms. Recently, a new question has captured the minds of millions; can CBD oil cause headaches? Well, the answer certainly lies in this article!

Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches

Cannabidiol; Legalized and therapeutic – That's what most researches conducted since the discovery of this cannabinoid, suggest about its nature. This non-intoxicating compound of the Cannabis plant has surged in popularity over the last decade. The credit not only goes to the inceptive researches regarding this strange & unique chemical in the Marijuana plant but also has a lot to do with the CBD-based products, introduced immediately after.

The entrancing effects of Cannabidiol slithered its way, and soon developed a tenacious grip in several industries. From beauty creams and soaps to candy, mints, and even CBD-infused pet treats, Cannabidiol products are generating consumer sales worth millions every year. However, the particular product that has taken the market by storm is none other than the very famous CBD Oil.

Numerous CBD Oil manufacturing companies have surfaced. They claim that their magical, medicinal Marijuana-based product can provide you with the same soothing and relaxing effect without getting you high. It is true; indeed, the main constituent of this oil does not induce the same mind-bending effects as Tetrahydrocannabinol. It assists in the treatment of several diseases such as Lenox Gastaut Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, Chronic Disorders, ADHD, Cardiovascular Diseases, Anxiety, etc., and also protects against certain cancers. However, every comfort comes with a cost. A study conducted in 2017, has unleashed a list of inevitable side effects of average or excessive consumption of CBD Oil, including the following:

·         Anxiety

·         Fatigue

·         Nausea

·         Vomiting

·         Diarrhoea

·         Drowsiness

·         Appetite Change, and many more.

The list, however, fails to give a hint, let alone provide a concrete conclusion about a recent concern regarding CBD Oil; it can cause headaches. Yes, you read that right — a therapeutic, mind-relaxing cannabinoid rumoured to cause a pounding, throbbing pain in the head. But let's have a look in the light of recent researches, about the authenticity of this massively proposed stance.


Addressing the positive relation of CBD Oil with Headaches first; we must not forget Marijuana's past. Cannabis was widely used as a source of relief before it became illegal. Considering this aspect of the Cannabis plant's usage, it is almost rational to say that the Marijuana plant has something to do with headaches. Something that either brings a calming effect or a numbing effect. Now which of the two is the case, the scientists can not yet say.

However, Cannabidiol, in particular, has had the special attention of inspective and curious eyes and equipment in research labs. Consequently, its relation with the migraines and headaches is not as cloudy as that of the entire Cannabis plant.

According to a study conducted ten years ago, that some compounds in Cannabis plant may help those who wish to lessen their extensive use of pain-relieving pharmaceutical drugs. Moreover, Pharmacotherapy's survey of 2016 provides evidence that medical use of Cannabis plant can lower the frequency of headaches substantially.  The consumers reported a reduction of 4.6 from 10.4.

While an analysis of 2012 targets the effects of Cannabidiol only. It states that CBD can effectively treat certain types of chronic pain and inflammation, even those associated with multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Collectively, the gathered data suggests that CBD Oil ease chronic and acute pains. Owing to its potent analgesic effect, Cannabidiol Oil can relieve multiple forms of pain, including migraine-associated pains. Thus, becoming a commonly used product amongst those suffering from headaches of all sorts and severe migraines.

Now if everything's so positive if CBD Oil possesses the capability of easing or minimizing headaches (if not wholly treating them). What gave birth to the debate of 'CBD Oil as a cause of Headache'?

CBD Oil may be able to alleviate specific mental health problems. But there is little formal scientific evidence to support the usage of CBD Oil in this regard. Most of the research conducted yet focuses more on the impact of the collective effect of compounds of Marijuana, rather than only CBD or its oil. Furthermore, just as the use of CBD  Oil reached heights of popularity, a few users reported, to have experienced adverse or nil effects.

Experiencing no change at all depends on the consumer's diet, routine, and several other factors. While negative results are mainly an outcome of inappropriate dosage or poor quality of CBD Oil, so, let's explore these factors in complete detail.


The amount of CBD Oil you're taking has a lot to do with the trouble you're facing, even headaches. Like every other supplement, one must take CBD Oil in minimal amounts in the beginning to assess the reaction of your body or the effect of the product on your disease/disorder. As of yet, there is no specific recommended dosage. Every individual acquires desired effects with different amounts of CBD Oil, depending on the following factors:

·         Your body weight

·         Current body chemistry

·         The condition you're treating

·         Any ongoing drug course

Although you can calculate the right amount for yourself by trial and error method, a wiser approach is to seek the guidance of a professional. Or you can opt for CBD Oils that are specially formulated to ease headaches and migraines. These CBD Oils have higher CBD concentration per ml.

Humans can tolerate high doses of up to 1500 mg a day as per a study conducted in 2011, without facing a fatal threat. The study got confirmed later by a review of this study in 2017. However, such high doses of CBD may bring about the side effects, that eventually may cause a headache. Also, an unacceptably high intake of CBD can harm the body or cause damage to the liver.


Evaluating the currently available data on CBD Oil's relation with headaches and migraines, your problem has a direct connection with the quality of your CBD Oil. A low-quality brand may not be offering a pure form of Cannabidiol.

In recent times, several business tycoons have cleverly used the rise of CBD as a money-making opportunity. They are bringing illegitimate forms of CBD Oil to the market, which are available to anyone and everyone without a prescription even. These Oils may come from Cannabis plant cultivated in inappropriate regions, where the plant may have absorbed harmful compounds like lead and mercury. Upon consumption, these oils may deteriorate your health, causing headaches and other ailments.

Therefore, one must assess the quality of CBD Oil before purchasing it. Check for the following things before you buy the product:

·         Company's Name and Reputation

·         Price Tag (Most inexpensive ones have illegitimate means of manufacturing and reduced processing.)

·         Third-Party Lab Test (Remember, reputable companies never hesitate in verifying the safety of their product.)


All in all, the fact that CBD Oil is one of the most useful cannabinoids derived from Marijuana is undeniable. It is contributing substantially to the treatment of numerous diseases and has also become a treasured answer to certain serious health conditions, such as epileptic seizures. The many advantages of CBD Oil seem to have outweighed its nominal side effects. But are energy-draining headaches, a part of these 'nominal' side effects? Certainly, not! At least, according to scientific researches conducted up until today. Unless you consume an inappropriate dosage or a poor quality CBD Oil, you're safe from the unbearable headaches!

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