CBD Oil for Pain Management

CBD (cannabinoid) oil is gaining a reputation as the product grows in popularity and more and more people with medical issues are turning to the oil. As Harvard Health notes, CBD may also aleviate chronic pain,with studies by the likes of European Journal of Pain, stating that when applied to the skin CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation.

CBD Oil for Pain Management

There are various chronic health issues that cause long-term pain. From arthritis to MS (multiple sclerosis), finding the right pain relief is a crucial aspect of living with such conditions. 

Studies On The Use of CBD For Pain Relief

There have been various studies on the use of CBD for pain relief. Scientists have found that the product may have had pain altering effects when used on animals. And, other studies have shown that CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Interestingly these two types of pain are the most difficult to treat. 

Outside of scientific and medical studies, some users of CBD have claimed to have experiencd long-term reduction of unpleasant symptoms of pain-inducing medical conditions. 

How Could CBD Oil Reduce Pain?

Now for the scientific part. As with all pain relief medication and treatments, there is a way in which certain drugs interact with chemicals in our brains, thus reducing pain. Prescribed medications such as opiates block certain receptors in our brain to prevent pain. 

CBD works in a similar way. Interacting with receptors in our brains and immune system, studies have shown that CBD creates anti-inflammatory effects by preventing pain from being activated in these receptors. 

Having steadily gained popularity for it’s claimed use a pain reliever, users of CBD may experience pleasant reactions and moreover find that pain is reduced overall.

Common Types Of Pain That CBD May Help With 

You may be wondering if CBD is for you if you’re experiencing chronic pain. While over the counter and prescribed medications are generally recommended for pain relief, CBD oil may help reduce unpleasant symptoms of: 

- Cancer 

- Osteoarthritis 

- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

- Headaches

- Fibromyalgia

- Lower back pain

- Migraines

- Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

- Neuropathic pain

History Shows CBD Being Used For Pain Relief

While we’re growing increasingly accustomed to the use of CBD its multiple potential beneficial purposes in regards to health, historical evidence has shown that it has been used for thousands of years by humans. 

In  2727 BC,  Emperor Sheng Neng of Ancient China had used an infused tea to try to reduce symptoms of a multitude of health issues that involved short-term memory loss, gout, and malaria too. 

Greek physicians and Roman Emperors have reported the potential curative properties of hemp plants. 

Since there are records of CBD being used historically to treat health issues, this gives further evidence that while more studies need to be carried out, CBD certainly has positive effects. 

A Growing Interest In Natural Alternatives

In general, a growing number of people are turning to natural alternatives rather than over the counter and prescribed medications. CBD is growing in popularity. 

In the U.S there is currently an opioid crisis with harrowing numbers of people losing their lives to overdoses. Much of the issue surrounding this epidemic revolves around the administration of strong opiate painkillers where in the late 1990s, pharamaceutical companies prescribed highly addictive medication for the relief of pain. This saw a huge amount of people become addicted to opioids, resulting in the devastating effects of abusing these types of medications today. 

While there are still blurred lines surrounding CBD’s legality across many countries, it could help to prevent such events as above from unfolding. A growing interest in natural alternatives to opiate medications and an overall apprehension around over the counter prescriptions has led people to believe CBS is a safe alternative. 

How Strong Is CBD For Pain Relief?

There is substantial evidence from studies carried out on animals that demonstrate that CBD may be effective as a pain relief. However, you will likely be wondering just exactly how strong it is and whether it’ll relieve your own painful symptoms. 

There have been a number of claims for arthritis sufferers reporting less pain in their joints, as well as some claims from MS sufferers reporting a reduction in spasms (a common occurrence in those who have multiple sclerosis) after taking CBD Oil. 

CBD oil is not dangerous and you cannot overdose on it. The most common side effects of using too much include experiencing fatigue and in worst cases, diarrhea. 

Why Try CBD Oil For Pain Relief? 

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to typical medications, CBD oil could be the treatment for your pain relief that you’ve been looking for. 

It’s safe to take, not addictive and despite common misconceptions, it won’t get you ‘high’. Studies on animals have proven that CBD oil is effective in reducing inflammatory pain, while users have claimed to have experienced a reduction in the unpleasant side effects of common health issues. 

If you do choose to buy CBD oil for yourself or somebody in an attempt to manage their pain, be sure to purchase your product from a trusted retailer. You’ll find CBD oil in various high-street health stores and it is always recommended to start on an oil with a lower CBD percentage to begin with. 

Once you are familiar with the product, you can then choose to up the concentration if you require stronger pain relief. There are many ways in which this wonder oil may help with treatment of health issues and you could be the next person to benefit too.

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