CBD Oil for Tourette Syndrome: Benefits, Dosage & How to Use

What is Tourette Syndrome?

Tourette Syndrome is a neuropsychiatric disorder. Tourette Syndrome always develops in the early childhood of the patient. Tourette Syndrome comes under the "tic" category of the neuropsychiatric disorder which is characterized by unexpected and nonrhythmic motor movements. These motor movements and totally out of control of the patient. Mostly a certain group of muscles are involved in producing Tourette Syndrome. The patient suffering from Tourette Syndrome experiences rapid eye blinking, repetitive and uncontrolled throat clearing, and facial contortions. The patient has at least one vocal tic may in the form of taboo speech.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil for the treatment of Tourette Syndrome

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil is the chemical extract of hemp (Cannabis) plant which is completely non-psychoactive and non-toxic. In recent years, people have used CBD Oil for many physiological conditions such as pain, inflammation, and joint swelling but you will surprise to know that, CBD Oil can be very helpful in the treatment of Tourette Syndrome also. According to research studies, CBD oil has very strong neurotransmission modulator properties. It can affect different parts of the brain also. Tourette Syndrome is also a neuropsychiatric disorder so CBD Oil can be used in the treatment of Tourette Syndrome. In this article, we will discuss some major benefits of using CBD Oil for the treatment of Tourette Syndrome.

 CBD Oil reduces the frequency of motor movements (tics) in Tourette Syndrome:

As we have discussed earlier that patients suffering from Tourette Syndrome experience several tics in the form of rapid eye blinking and vocals. CBD Oil can reduce the frequency and intensity of tick by improving the neurotransmission system of the body. Tics are actually involuntary and uncontrolled movements of the body which are non-rhythmic also. The patient feels sudden sensation and need to do tics and feel relief after doing them. It is like an addiction to the body. CBD Oil can calm down the nerves and remove the need of doing tics for the patient. By improving neurotransmission of the body, CBD Oil help in bringing tics movement under control of the patient. This benefit of CBD Oil is proved by research studies.

According to the results of research studies done back in 1998, CBD Oil has successfully reduced the frequency and intensity of tics in patients suffering from Tourette Syndrome. 40% of the patients reported that they have completely got rid of both motor and vocal tics after using CBD Oil. These results were really impressive.

According to another research study, CBD Oil reduces the intensity and frequency of tics by interacting with cannabinoid receptors present in the brain.

 CBD Oil can alleviate aggressive behaviors and hyperactivity disorders:

The patient suffering from Tourette Syndrome can develop aggression in behavior and hyperactivity disorders which include outbursts of rage also. According to a research study, 30% of the children suffering from Tourette Syndrome are suffering from aggressive behavior and hyperactivity disorder also. CBD Oil reduces aggressive behavior and hyperactivity disorder caused by Tourette syndrome. It is not just a statement but it is also proved by the research study published by the king's college of London in 2017. According to this study, CBD Oil showed outstanding benefits when it was used to treat patients suffering from ADHD hyperactivity syndrome and aggressive behavior. These patients were also suffering from Tourette Syndrome.

 CBD Oil has a strong ability to alleviate OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder):

OCD is a neurological disorder in which a patient repeats certain activity again and again against his/her will. The patient actually feels the need to constantly go over certain routines. OCD has a very strong relation with Tourette Syndrome. It is found by researches that patients suffering from Tourette Syndrome, also have developed OCD. According to research studies, CBD Oil can alleviate OCD Disorder by stimulating 5-HT1A (Hydroxytrytamine) – mediated neurotransmission. As a result of this stimulation, the patient feels very better with OCD.

 CBD Oil can alleviate the anxiety caused by Tourette Syndrome:

The patient suffering from Tourette Syndrome could easily develop anxiety which is very bad for the patient's condition itself. Anxiety can exacerbate the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome. CBD Oil can alleviate the anxiety caused by Tourette Syndrome by interacting with the body's Endocannabinoid system receptors and by activating the 5-HT1A (Hydroxytrytamine) serotonin receptors.

The Dosage of CBD Oil for Tourette Syndrome

It is highly recommended to consult with your family doctor before consuming CBD Oil for Tourette Syndrome. The dosage depends on the way you are taking the CBD Oil. For example, if you are taking the CBD Oil orally, the dosage will be different than if you are inhaling it. There is no prescribed and fix dosage of CBD Oil because it is not recommended medically by the doctors for the use of Tourette Syndrome.

Nevertheless, CBD Oil provides symptomatic relief. At the start, a small dose of 40-60 mg should be consumed to investigate the effects of CBD Oil on the patient's body. If it is beneficial, the dose can be increased to double or triple. The dose management should be done according to the individual tolerance capacity.

Patients can take CBD Oil in two ways, Orally or by inhaling the vapors of CBD. For Orally way, CBD Oil is the best product. If you want to inhales CBD vapors, CBD vaping products are also available in the market.

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