Types Of CBD Strains That Really Work For Pain

Cannabis has been in the market for some time now. The use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes is increasing with every passing day.

One of the main reasons for this increase is the effectiveness of cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These two cannabinoids can help get comfort and relieve pain. However, the spectrum of effects of these two cannabinoids can vary significantly.

While CBD is used purely for medicinal purposes, THC provides the ‘high’ associated with different forms and strains of cannabis. The legalities regarding CBD have been relaxed in several countries, so the maximum number of people may be able to reap the provided benefits.

Types Of CBD Strains That Really Work For Pain


We analyzed the research related to CBD first before making any claims about the effectiveness of different strains. Many medical professionals now recommend CBD and have found significant improvements in patients using different fractions.

It has been shown to help with pain associated with physical as well as mental disorders.

A study showed that an extract containing CBD is effective in reducing pain in cancer patients. The effect is more significant than opioids. So, CBD can be a better choice for pain compared to traditional opioids.

A clinical trial demonstrated the role of CBD in fighting the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy (a disorder of nerves). This trial also showed that the people who used CBD saw improvement in the quality of sleep.

A research regarding the effectiveness of CBD and related cannabinoids in migraine, headache, and pain found that CBD is an excellent option for fighting the conditions above. It can also be used effectively against to allay the toxicity of opioids. So, CBD is an excellent alternative to traditional opioids for pain without the undesirable effects on health.

A meta-analysis designed mainly to find the possible role of CBD in fighting epilepsy found that CBD can be used effectively as a treatment modality for patients experiencing seizures. Thus, there is a definite role of CBD in protecting the brain against different damaging conditions and providing several mental health benefits.


Cannabis comes from two different plant species, namely Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa.

They can be used for obtaining different strains. Here are some of the great strains that we found:


The remedy is obtained from Cannabis indica. The best thing about remedy is that it is very high in the CBD content. It has been shown to help fight inflammation. So, it can play a role in coping with muscular soreness.

There is also a role in fighting anxiety. If you are someone who’s fed up trying so many over-the-counter anxiolytics, the remedy can be a great choice.


Hard to obtain, this strain of CBD can produce wonders. Several people have found this strain miraculous in coping with chronic pain and depression.

It can also relieve the intense pain that may arise after chemotherapy. The Wife also helps allay any side-effects associated with this treatment modality.


Named after the girl, Charlotte Figi, this strain has produced wonders for several people. The girl suffered from hundreds of seizures every day. After treatment with Charlotte’s Web, her condition drastically improved.

After the successful intervention with this strain, the company gained popularity and attracted several people to try the product for its role in fighting diseases like epilepsy.

Charlotte’s Web is also an all-rounder when it comes to treating conditions associated with pain like arthritis (joint inflammation).


ACDC is well-known for its role in overcoming all sorts of painful conditions. It has a very high concentration of CBD compared to THC and can help fight the agonizing conditions.

The best part about using ACDC is the minimum or no risk of getting the ‘high’ associated with strains having THC. ACDC has also been found helpful in combating stressful situations like anxiety.


Ringo’s gift is an attribute to the famous activist Lawrence Ringo who supported the use of cannabis and its different fractions in improving the general health of human beings. He strongly raised a voice against the legalities associated with cannabis and was a supporter of the utilization of this plant for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Like ACDC, Ringo’s gift has 20 times the concentration of CBD compared to THC. It can be used for fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). So, this strain can be very helpful for people who have undergone some stressful situation in their lives which is hard for them to overcome.

Its role in fighting the pain associated with GI disorders and arthritis are also documented.


Harlequin is comparatively low in CBD to THC ratio compared to other strains on our list.

It has a sweet taste, but it may produce the undesirable effects of THC like drowsiness. However, some people may need a sufficient percentage of THC to get the desired results of cannabis.


Just like a roaring lion, Jamaican lion can help you enhance focus. It helps with fighting anxiety and mental stress. It is very useful to create a relaxing sense needed in stressful situations.

However, like Harlequin, Jamaican Lion has a low content of CBD. So, it can also produce some ecstatic effects besides helping with pain.


Johnny’s tonic is one of the best strains in our list. This strain received an award for being one of the best options for medicinal purposes.

Johnny’s tonic helps with combating fatigue, inflammation, stress and muscular spasms. It is also great for creating and maintaining a relaxed state of mind.


Swiss gold has a 2:1 CBD to THC ratio. It means that it will help with reducing pain while providing the cherishing feeling created by strains with THC.

Swiss gold is good for headaches, depression and high levels of stress. It can elevate your mood and bring a general state of joy in your daily life.

Swiss gold is safe to use by anyone. However, some side-effects have been reported regarding the use of this strain. These include slight anxiety with prolonged use and dryness of eyes.


This CBD strain has a very high concentration of THC. The concentration ranges from 20-25%; it can vary depending upon the manufacturer. It has been found a good option for combating severe pain.

Being high in the THC content, it can provide the ecstatic and a pure relaxing feeling. It can produce a strong high. It can help you cope with depression, anxiety, and states of confusion and distress. If you are someone who is looking for a strain that can help you chillax, give critical mass a try.


This CBD strain has much of its composition that comes from Cannabis indica. With CBD content as high as 70%, this strain can be an excellent option for all those people who are looking for something to provide instant relief from all sorts of painful conditions.

It can provide you with mental clarity without causing much haziness. However, it is recommended to take Haoma at bed-time so your powerful day may not get affected by the possible ecstasy associated with Haoma.


Harle-Tsu is a hard-to-find strain, usually. It has a high content of indica and is a hybrid strain in the true sense. It is getting more and more popular with every passing day. So, the availability is likely to see a boost in the years to come.

Harle-Tsu works just like Non-steroidal anito-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and opioids in allaying pain. The best part is that Harle-Tsu does not produce the side-effects produced by NSAIDs and opioids.

With each dose, it may produce an instant sensation of calm and relaxation. It makes your pain disappear quickly and has been known to be an effective pain-killer for patients afflicted with chronic conditions like cancer.

Harle-Tsu also has proven roles in fighting depression, lack of focus and alertness and migraine. Many people reported that they felt an instant boost in their energy levels after even using small doses. It means that Harle-Tsu can be useful for consumption during the daytime. None of the users has shown any drowsiness.


Pennywise is a CBD strain that has a balanced concentration of CBD and THC. This strain has been in use for fighting insomnia and PTSD. It also allays the symptoms of anxiety and can be used for fighting headaches and mood swings.

Unlike many other strains on our list, Pennywise taste spicy. So, if you are consuming a lot of sugar in your diet and are tired of all that sugary stuff, you would love to give Pennywise a try.

Some people may not appreciate the associated euphoria. If you are looking for an active routine during the day, you may need to reconsider and go for a strain that has a minimum concentration of THC.


Through a detailed look at all the strains mentioned in this article; we can easily conclude that CBD is beneficial for utilization regularly for combating several conditions associated with pain.

Scientific studies have proved the beneficial effects. The role in inflammatory conditions like arthritis and GI disorders is phenomenal. It also helps against degenerating conditions like multiple sclerosis and protects your brain against damage.

Mental conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression have been effectively treated and controlled by using strains high in CBD concentration.

Keeping that in view, we can proudly say that CBD works!

Have you ever tried one of these strains? How was your experience?

Let us know in the comments…

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