High-CBD Hemp Plants: How To Choose The Right Seed

Hemp is a multi-purpose plant that can be utilized in so many ways across different industries. From its fibers to its contribution in textile or plastic production, in food and health applications, and most importantly, in CBD production. CBD is one of the most, if not the most important compound found in the hemp plant right now.

Since the passing of the Farm Bill of 2018, the cultivation of hemp has become legal in the United States. While the hemp industry continues to grow, the demand for hemp and CBD products has also increased enormously. This resulted in many people trying to grow their own hemp plant.

There are a lot of factors that we need to take into think about when growing hemp plants. These factors include the climate, the soil, the nutrients, and the most important thing – the seeds.

Previously, we talked about feminized seeds and why it is needed for growing hemp to produce CBD. Now, we’ll be discussing why it is important to choose the right seed in order to produce a high CBD yielding hemp plant.

High-CBD Hemp Plants

The strain of the seeds will determine the amount of CBD based on its genetics.

As a plant with diverse uses, the hemp plant has a diverse variety or strain as well. The different strains of hemp have different characteristics that help them respond to different conditions in the environment. Right now, farmers can choose from fiber varieties, grain varieties, and cannabinoid hemp varieties.

The different strains can determine whether the hemp plant is disease resistant, has good genetic traits, and has a competitive yield, especially if it is a strain meant for CBD production. Some of the hemp seed strains are specially modified to create a greater CBD biomass, these are called high-CBD hemp varieties. These varieties of hemp seeds were produced through selective breeding and years of hemp cultivation.

For top CBD manufacturers, here are the most popular hemp strains available:

Berry Blossom – a favorite of many hemp growers. Aside from being a good choice for mass production, it is also good in withstanding harsh climate conditions. 

Cherry Wine – a variety with high CBD content of at least 15%, it is also known for containing a good amount of terpene.

Elektra – another high yielding strain that produces a high ratio of CBD and it also has a good terpene profile.

Charlotte’s Web – a strain with low CBD to THC ratio.

Lifter – one of the most trusted strains that contain at least 15% of CBD and terpenes.

These are just some favorites, but there are a lot of other varieties to be explored. 

The quality of the genes will be equivalent to the quantity of the CBD that can be produced.                                                                     

Just like any other living thing on the planet, genes determine the traits that the hemp plant will exhibit as well as the chemical compounds it can produce. For hemp plants, good quality seeds with good genes will produce a plant that has a higher ratio of CBD.

A good hemp plant should have about 10-15% of CBD. Anything lower than that is marked as something with lesser quality. Aside from a higher amount of CBD, hemp seeds with good genetics will produce a good amount of other cannabinoids and terpenes and are most likely to have better smell and taste.

Quality seeds will also provide good genetic stability can prevent changes in its genetic make-up, making sure that they produce the same high-quality plants.

Genetics for hemp seeds keep improving over time as CBD becomes more popular.

With the United States Department of Agriculture categorizing hemp just like other agricultural crops, more studies and experiments are being conducted so that farmers and hemp growers can have better access to hemp genetics and produce more genetic diversity.

Not only will these scientists be able to produce better seeds with higher CBD content, but this will also result to hemp seeds that are resistant to diseases, have a higher tolerance for water shortage, and high-performance seeds in general.

The introduction of enhanced seeds increases the value of the plant, it allows the development of new technologies that would make farming easier and better. That is why can expect to see an expansion and development of these hemp varieties as time goes by.

A seed is a starter of life.

This does not only apply to hemp farming but in agriculture in general. It plays a key role in any crop production. No good CBD product will be produced from an ugly seed.

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