How can CBD help with Irritable bowel?

Finding Relief For IBD With CBD

You may have thought about trying CBD to ease the pain and discomfort of Irritable Bowel Disorder. You are not alone, because CBD has been garnering a lot of attention in relation to many different medical issues. How exactly can CBD help with the symptoms of IBD though? Can you find relief without the use of over the counter pain medications? Research suggests that this is not only possible but potentially incredibly beneficial alone, or with the medications, you are already prescribed.

How can CBD help with Irritable bowel?

The Science Behind CBD’s Effects On IBD

Research into the benefits of medical marijuana has led to many breakthroughs in pain relief. The most exciting thing about the use of CBD, in particular, is getting the benefits of medical marijuana without the psychotropic effects. Before explaining how CBD can have a beneficial impact on your bowel health, it’s good to know what actually causes IBD in the first place.

As of now, the exact cause of IBD is unknown. However, medical researchers are aware of why the discomfort is happening. Whatever the source of the problem is, be it bacteria, viruses, or antigens, they trigger your immune system to produce an inflammatory reaction in the intestinal tract. The CBD compound was tested due to its ability to control the central nervous system’s signals. Basically, if the central nervous system doesn’t prompt the immune system to begin the inflammatory reaction, the reaction will not occur. Not only does that help relieve the symptoms of IBD, but it also prevents some of the damage to the intestines.

CBD and Other Pharmaceuticals

CBD has many beneficial properties all on its own, but its use in conjunction with prescribed IBD medications may increase their effectiveness. Researchers have studied CBD in correlation with other medications, and with the proper dosages of both, you may possibly see better results. You may not have to drop the medication that you are already taking for control of your IBD symptoms, but you may be able to lower the dosage you take. This is yet another great reason to consider CBD for your IBD symptoms.

In Conclusion

CBD is continuously being researched for use in the treatment of several different diseases without the psychotropic effects of the THC compound found naturally in the marijuana plant. IBD is one such group of diseases that have been tested with positive results. You don’t have to be limited to prescribed pain medication alone. There is another option available to you in your search for pain relief. If you have been curious about the use of a natural alternative for your IBD symptoms, CBD may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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