How can CBD help with Skin Conditions?

Can CBDs heal skin conditions?

Cannabidiols (CBDs) have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The truth about this miraculous compound is showing up in more clinical and scientific research, suggesting many benefits such as pain management, anxiety abatement, and nausea reduction.

How can CBD help with Skin Conditions?

Not to be confused with its psychoactive counterpart, which is the component searched for in drug testing, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD produces no intoxicating or euphoric effects while still providing many of the potential benefits of cannabis. This makes CBD products a safe, work environment-friendly, and natural alternative to prescriptions for many common ailments.

But did you know CBDs can heal and beautify your skin, too?

As there are many receptors for CBDs throughout the body, it makes sense that the largest organ, the skin, is full of CBD receptors, as well. And as a well know combatant of inflammation, CBDs have the potential to heal and soothe many inflammation-related skin conditions, especially when applied topically.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS), the system of cannabis-related receptors naturally present in all mammals, has been shown to project a protective role in skin and contact allergies. Research from the University of Bonn, Germany suggests that the inflammatory response which erupts the skin into rashes as an allergic reaction can be influenced through the ECS. This means that using CBD for skin conditions such as dermatitis is a very real possibility.

Another study performed by the Nottingham University Schools of Biomedical Sciences in the UK has similar findings. This time, the focus was specifically keratinocytes, the cell type that constitutes approximately 90% of the epidermis. Their results showed that concentrated CBDs inhibited keratinocyte proliferation.

Proliferation is essentially the growth, production, and reproduction of cells by multiplication. This, of course, is a natural and important process, but hyper- (or excessive) proliferation of cells can lead to notable disease. You will know the most prevalent of these kinds of diseases, cancer, as all types of cancerous tumors are the result of uncontrolled cell growth.

The focus in Nottingham’s study, however, was psoriasis, which is an inflammatory disease characterized in part by hyperproliferation of keratinocytes in the epidermal layer of the skin.

These findings are nominal because if CBDs can be used to inhibit any kind of epidermal hyperproliferation, then this suggests the use of CBD for skin conditions could go as far as healing and abating skin cancer with further research.

That will likely take a few more years to come fully into fruition, but it just goes to show the power of topically applied and orally ingested CBD concentrates.

Physiologists, dermatologists, and allergen immunologists across Hungary, Japan, and Italy, however, have given you something we can all be excited about right now.

These collaborative universities and professionals have found that CBD has huge potential in aiding one of the most common and dreaded skin conditions, acne.

Acne tends to arise for a variety of reasons: oily or dirty skin, stress, poor diet, etc., but their research has found CBDs to be lipostatic in addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, suggesting CBDs could even prevent the production of excess oil in the skin.

There is very real evidence that healing can occur through CBD for skin conditions. As a natural, chemical-free alternative with very few proven side effects, topical CBD concentrates just may be the next big thing in skin care!

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