How to Buy CBD Online (And Actually Get a Quality Product)

The cannabidiol industry is hot right now, and many people are hoping to experience the benefits of the long-awaited cannabis supplement for themselves. The rise in demand for CBD products has led to an increase in supply, with new CBD brands popping up every week. Unfortunately, some of these brands are just out to make a buck and are a bit less concerned with the quality of their products than others.

This can cause concern for some people, especially people who want to buy CBD online to save money or avoid the hassle of finding a local store. Fortunately, there are a few ways to buy CBD online and ensure that you’re really getting what you want—a high-quality, useful CBD product.

If you want a quick route, check out these CBD products, and use coupon code “CA15” to knock 15% off your purchase. Otherwise, check out these tips for ensuring that your online CBD purchase is a good one:

Check the Site for Variety

This doesn’t mean that variety is always a good thing, though. When you shop for CBD oil online, you’ll probably see a lot of brands and options. When you take a look at their site, you should be able to quickly get an idea of what they offer. A high-quality CBD distributor will offer several CBD options, but won’t have an overcrowded site.

For instance, if you come across a distributor that has 20 cannabidiol products, but also has hundreds of other non-cannabidiol products listed, that’s usually a sign of low-quality products. These sites are often just product pushers, listing low-quality products for sale to make a quick buck. A site that offers only CBD products or a variety of cannabis-based supplements will often have higher-quality products. By putting all of their focus on cannabis products, they are keeping a better eye on what goes into their products as well as user satisfaction. Many quality sites will have between 5-20 CBD options.

Lower Price Usually Means Lower Quality

Does that mean you should jump out and buy the most expensive CBD product you find? Probably not, since price gouging is also a trend with some brands. But if you come across CBD products that are listed at a price way lower than their competitors, run the other way. Generally, in order to cut costs, these companies use much lower-quality products. In some cases, they may even use synthetic CBD or other synthetic additives.

Many cheap products also contain artificial flavors and additives. Another way that companies cut costs is by avoiding quality testing. Many CBD brands pay by the batch to have the quality of their products tested, which does trickle down and add a bit to the final cost. Of course, this is a small price to pay for the security of knowing you’re getting a safe, quality product.

The Ingredients Should Be Listed On the Site

If you come across a site that has titles and pictures, but no product descriptions, you’ve probably found another dud. Companies that offer quality products are willing to go the extra mile to give you some background on their products. This could include a list of ingredients or information on how the CBD products are made. Many quality brands will list the extraction method, talk about preservatives, pesticides, or fillers (or the absence of these harmful chemicals).

Some quality brands may also have a blog or informational resource that helps you learn more about their products, dosing, and integrating CBD into your lifestyle. These are all signs that the company cares about their product and its quality, as well as the customer experience.

Contact a Brand Representative

One of the best ways to get information about the CBD products and their quality is to contact a brand representative on the site. Many sites will offer a live chat, social media channels, or a contact page. This is a great way to get any of your questions answered before purchasing a product. A brand representative may also be able to assist you in choosing a product and a dosing regimen.

If you find a site that offers you no option to contact them, or you contact them and get no timely response, take it as a sign that they might not offer high-quality products. Also, remember that many CBD brands are small businesses or teams of only a few people, so give them up to a week to respond.

Buy CBD Online with Confidence

When you buy CBD oil for the first time, you might not know what to expect. Talking to your doctor about CBD oil and how it may benefit you is the first step to understand the world of CBD and what you need to consider before you buy a product. When you have some idea of what you need, turning to the internet is a quick and easy way to get information, ask questions, and locate high-quality CBD products. Take your time, do your research, and buy CBD online with confidence.

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