Important Questions One Can Have About CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is the chemical derivative of the cannabis plant. It has different properties than other cannabinoids. CBD does not produce "high" effects due to a very less amount of THC content in it. It does not cause any kind of intoxication as well. So, you can take it without fearing about overdosing and hallucination effects. But, still, you need to consult with your doctor first. According to research studies, CBD may be effective in the treatment of several diseases and providing relief in many medical conditions like pain, inflammation, cancer treatment, anti-acne, stress and anxiety, vulvodynia, fibromyalgia, Sciatica pain and hair loss, etc.

We have realized that you have some questions about the working, benefits, and side effects of CBD. For this reason, we are going to answer some important questions which you have in your mind about CBD (Cannabidiol).

Some Important Questions about CBD (Cannabidiol)

·        What is CBD?

CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol. It is one of the 100+ natural cannabinoids present in the hemp (cannabis) plant. CBD is a rising star among all other cannabinoids due to its non-psychoactive and non-toxic effects. It can alleviate several symptoms associated with different health conditions without producing any “high” effects.

·        What is the difference between CBD and Marijuana?

The only difference between CBD and Marijuana is the THC contents which are also responsible for the psychoactive effects in Marijuana. CBD does not contain THC content while Marijuana contains THC contents as a main part. Both CBD and Marijuana are extracted from cannabis plants. CBD does not put you "high" while Marijuana produces "high" effects.

·        What is the difference between CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD, and Broad-Spectrum CBD?

This is a very important question about CBD and some consumers even don't even know to ask. The whole extract of the hemp plant is called Full Spectrum CBD and it contains 0.3% of THC. The Broad-Spectrum CBD is also a whole extract of the hemp plant but the THC contents are removed in it. We can say that the Broad-Spectrum CBD is just like Full spectrum CBD but without THC contents which are removed by additional processes.CBD isolate is the pure form of CBD because it only contains CBD and none of the other cannabinoids and terpenes.

·        Is CBD Legal?

Well, this is a very controversial question. It is legal in some countries while illegal in others. In the UK, CBD is legal federally while some states don't allow its consumption. Some countries have set the limit of THC contents which makes CBD legal. For example, in some states of the USA, the CBD products which contain THC contents less than 0.3%, is considered legal. Due to its potential health benefits, CBD is getting more and more popular nowadays and for this reason, different countries have started thinking about legalizing it.

·        Is CBD Safe?

According to the official report of WHO (World Health Organization) in 2018, "CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential". So, from an overall perspective, we can consider that CBD is safe. There is no reported lethal or dangerous dosage of CBD which is a big proof of its safe nature. According to research studies, even 1500 mg or above doses can be easily tolerated by humans.

Despite its safe nature, you still need to consult with your family doctor before using. The CBD is completely safe until the concentration of THC contents is low (less than 0.3%).

·        How Do I take CBD?

You can use different methods to consume CBD because it is available in different forms in the market, for example, edibles, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, and capsules. Recently, a new method of CBD consumption has been discovered by the researchers. This method is known as CBD oil vaping. In the method, CBD Oil is converted into the vapors with the help of CBD Vape pens. These vapors are then inhaled by the patients. CBD vaping is considered as the fastest delivery method for CBD. Through this method, CBD usually start effecting after a few minutes only.

On the other hand, you can take CBD in the form of oils or tinctures. CBD Oil is usually consumed sublingually. It means, you just have to place 4-5 drops of CBD oil under your tongue and it will automatically enter the bloodstream.

CBD is also available in edible form. However, the rate of absorption is low in the edible form because in this case the edible must enter into the digestive system before absorption. You can choose one of these methods according to your ease.

·        What is the optimal dose of CBD for Me?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about CBD (Cannabidiol). The Optimal dose of CBD is not fixed and varies from person to person. It means for a different body; the dose of CBD will be also different. There are some major factors on which the optimal dose of CBD depends. These factors are as follows:

·         Your Body Weight

·         Speed of your Metabolism

·         The Form of CBD

·         The Medical condition you want to treat with the CBD

·         The chemistry of your body

That's why we recommend that you should consult with your doctor before using the CBD because he/she knows better about these factors. If you want to start using CBD today, we recommend that you should start with low doses (only a few milligrams). With these low doses, you will able to investigate the effects of CBD on your body. If the results of these doses are positive, you can increase your dosage gradually.


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