In-DepthReview of Ageless Labs CBD Products

In this article I’ll be reviewing Ageless Labs extensive range of CBD products, including Water-Soluble Hemp Tincture, Rapid Relief Cream, Bath Bombs, Diet Hack Fasting Support 356, Cannabinoid Rich Gummies, Hemp Pet Drops, and Focus EZ Brain Support

About The Brand 

When it comes to CBD products, consumers always look for a credible brand that they can trust and Ageless Labs is definitely the one. The brand was established by highly dedicated pharmaceutical and stem cell therapy experts that wanted to give their community a safe and enjoyable way to a healthy and stress-free life. Thanks to their hard work, today we have a reliable CBD brand standing proudly in a market crowded by bogus suppliers. 

The brand strives to provide a convenient, affordable, and reliable way to a relaxed and happy life. The experts have followed a scientific approach for the development of their formula which has enabled them to offer the most in each drop. Moreover, they pay special attention to testing which furthers ensures the best results. The most exceptional feature offered by this brand is the quick absorption that is breaking records. Some of its products hardly take about 15 minutes to show the magic closely following behinds are others with a maximum of 20-30 minutes. 

In-DepthReview of Ageless Labs CBD Products

Water-soluble CBD tincture 

AgelessLabs water-soluble CBD tincture has set new standards in the market. The tincture is not only effective and quick but also has an amazing taste which has been a major turn down for a lot of other tinctures by different brands. It is not easy to sip on a tasteless tincture especially when you know its taste will not leave your mouth anytime soon. However, this water-soluble tincture changes the game. 

It is available in different -absolutely exciting- flavors including pina colada, peppermint, chocolate mint, and raspberry lemonade. I tried raspberry lemonade - the refreshing and tongue-twisting flavor that boosted my mood as a plus. I am fully convinced to try the other flavors too. Although I loved the tincture separately, taking it with a beverage was also a good idea. Orange and pineapple juices were my choice for this and the significant boost it granted to their taste surpassed my expectation.

Not to mention, chosen 1500 mg strength the effects were clearly noticeable in 15 minutes. Another strength available is 1000 mg which I believe is equally effective. Two drops in the morning not only gave me a good mood but also helped me deal with the day more productively. 

Rapid Relief Cream 

Muscle pain is common these days but for people like me with an athletic routine, it can get quite severe. In either case, relieving it is the ultimate goal that seemingly turns most people towards pain killers - the good cops with hidden side effects. However, CBD-infused pain relief creams are a considerably safer way out. But the problem I usually had with them was their slow effect as I had to wait for nearly an hour or so to start feeling the effects.

Thanks to the Ageless Labs for their quick and effective pain reliever - the rapid relief cream. I applied it one the targeted area and could already feel the pain go away in less than 20 minutes. 

The cream contains water-soluble whole-plant hemp cannabinoids along with a dozen of essential oils to make it even more efficacious. It leaves the skin soft, cool and hydrated which prevents inflammation and rashes, ensuring a speedy recovery. 

Ageless Labs Cannabinoid Rich Gummies

Cannabinoid-rich gummies by Ageless Labs are an excellent stress reliever. They are available mouth-watering flavors - mixed fruit, concord grapes, and mountain green apple. I tried concord grapes which is absolute bliss. The unbeatable sweet and musky flavor almost feels like popping concord grapes in real. 

The jar contains 30 gummies packed with a total of 500 mg water-soluble hemp that ensures better absorption than other forms of CBD, making these gummies more efficacious. They absorb into the bloodstream faster and influence the endocannabinoid system which in turn affects the mood, stress, fear, anxiety, and tiredness. It is also effective in combating inflammation to ensure good overall health. 

I took 2 gummies in a day, though the expert recommendation on their website allows up to 3 gummies which wasn’t needed. Within 30 minutes I was calm and relaxed with all my stress vanished like it never was. This helped me with the day peacefully.  

Focus Ez Brain Support 

Enhancing physical performance through exercise, energizing foods, and supplements isn't new, but trusting supplements with brain performance seemed skeptical. I might have hardly tried it once. But having tried so many amazing products by Ageless Labs I was quite eager to try their brain support supplement - Focus Ez Brain Support

This brain support is made up of full-spectrum hemp CBD, L-theanine, caffeine, and panex ginseng. The potent blend directly influences the dopamine levels and the endocannabinoid system that has receptors around and inside the brain. This ensures compelling outcomes in a short time. 

I took the recommended dosage of 6 capsules in 24 hours and 2 at a time which served enough for a day. With each administration, I observed noticeable enhancement in cognition, alertness, focus, attention span, and creativity. Since it’s super quick I could benefit from it on short notices. 

Ageless Labs Hemp Bath Bombs 

From an extensive CBD collection, the hemp bath bombs are another amazing product. There are times when I don't feel like taking a tincture or moving my mouth to chew a gummy, at that time all I want to do is lay down peacefully. But what good would that be for a throbbing head or muscle pain? That’s what brought bath bombs into the picture. Bath bombs are a unique way to consume CBD as you can simply release stress by comfortably lying in a hot tub. 

The best part is that they are formulated to fulfill specific requirements and so are available in four different types - breathe, headache release, retreat, and pain relief. It is also offered in two different strengthens - 50 and 100 mg. I tried a headache and a pain relief bomb and can surely vouch for their results. 15 minutes was all they needed to calm me down and take all the pain away. 

Diet Hack Fasting Support 356 

Weight gain can have several causes based on lifestyles and body types and similar is the case when it comes to losing weight. Both situations can lead to several imbalances in the body. Often when trying to lose weight people go on excessively strict diets that deprive them of the necessary components of a healthy body - essential nutrients. But that doesn't mean you need to give it all up, instead, you need the right way to do it. 

Diet Hack Fasting Support 356 has become my right way to a healthy yet slim body. The supplement is infused with water-soluble whole-plant hemp CBD, chromium, magnesium, potassium, vanadium, guarana, green coffee beans, and green tea. Needless to say, the blend allowed me to lose the extra pounds while maintaining my nutritional balance so I didn’t feel run-down or exhausted. 

Some research has shown that whole-plant hemp consumers have a lower BMI and are less likely to have diabetes. It also regulates unnecessary fat deposits in the body. Chromium also contributes to controlling diabetes to an extent that it can even reverse it. Improved insulin sensitivity also promotes the storage of muscle glycogen which builds stamina and endurance. Moreover, the magnesium content maintains energy levels to further prevent exhaustion.  

Full-Spectrum Hemp Pet Drop

Stress and anxiety are not only for humans. A lot of animals particularly pets suffer from these issues as well, though some pets like my dog have more severe issues than others. My dog usually gets anxious when I am not around. Although I dropped him off at a friend’s place when going to work, his anxiety would still not let him rest. 

Thanks to the Ageless Labs for their super effective Full-Spectrum Hemp Pet Drop that has significantly helped my dog overcome his anxiety. I used to mix 2-3 drops of the tincture with his breakfast and by the time we had to head out he’d be completely calm and relaxed. This had been an amazing help for me. I also noticed considerable mitigation in his inflammatory conditions that have further enhanced his overall health.  


The Ageless Labs is among the CBD brands that I can definitely vouch for. It has an extensive range of amazing CBD products that are not only effective but also healthy and quick to work. The brand pays special attention to its testing procedures to ensure it only provides the best to society. Its tincture excellently clears the mind, relieves stress, and helps enjoy a good sleep. The CBD-loaded bath bombs are another amazing addition to the list that offers unbeatable relaxation in less than 30 minutes. The pet drops have been a life-saver. They are quite efficacious against pet anxiety and inflammation. Therefore, I’d highly recommend Ageless Labs for a safe and healthy life not only for you but also for your pet.  

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