Prefilled or Refillable Pod Vape Systems - Which One Is Right For You?

Prefilled or Refillable Pod Vape Systems - Which One Is Right For You?

Whether you are a seasoned vape veteran or a novice, you would always have countless options in the vaping field.

When it comes to choosing the best pod system for beginners, things can get quite tricky. After all, there are a myriad of vape setups out there in the market that you can choose from. In this article, you will learn about: Prefilled or refillable pod vape systems - which one is right for you?

First, let’s admit that vaping is one of the most effective approaches to quitting smoking. It helps you absorb the required amount of nicotine in the bloodstream without all the negative effects.

Now that you have decided to switch to vape, you would have two POD systems to choose from. You can either opt for a prefilled or a refillable pod vape system.

This article would mainly come in handy for two types of potential vape smokers:

1.     You have never owned a vape pod system before and this is your first time buying one.

2.     You are satisfied with your JUUL setup but wondering if you could further enhance your vaping experience.

If you are buying a vape device for the first time, you should make your decision wisely. This would have a great influence on your overall vaping experience and potential in the future. So, you don’t want to screw up this crucial buying phase of your vaping journey.

What are Prefilled and Refillable Pod Vaping Systems?

Both of these vape pod system types have their pros and cons. You would have to look at what works for you and what doesn’t.

Pre-Filled Pod Vaping Systems:

Prefilled vapes are also known as closed-system vapes. They are pre-filled with e-liquid, which means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-filling the pods. These smoking devices would be a boon to you if you can’t think of the right type of e-liquid. All you need to do is purchase a new cartridge with standard flavors.

Refillable Pod Vaping Systems:

They are also known as open-system vapes. These vaping devices come with empty pods that can be filled manually by the users. You would have a great variety of e-liquid flavors when you purchase these devices.

You will have to keep a collection of empty pods and e-liquid bottles at all times. This would help you explore new concoctions by mixing up different flavors.

Pre-Filled Pod Systems Provide Convenience

One of the main reasons people get addicted to smoking cigarettes is the convenience factor.

Whenever you feel the need to crank up your blood nicotine level, you can quickly puff on your cigarette. All you got to do is light up your cigarette to get that soothing nicotine kick. Whether you are driving your car or watching TV, you can satisfy your nicotine need with some quick puffs.

When it comes to switching to vape most smokers demand the same level of convenience. With a pre-filled pod vape system, you would be able to satiate your nicotine need without any hassle. You would just have to make sure that the battery is charged up before you start inhaling your favorite e-liquid flavor.

You don’t even need a matchstick or a lighter to turn on your prefilled vape device. You can just push in a pod and switch on the power button to start puffing on your vape device.

Refilling pods aren’t that tricky to operate but you’ll have to make the setup arrangement frequently. From refilling the pods to purchasing refill equipment, you would require various items to operate the vape device.

Refillable Pods Are Cheaper In The Long Run

Now we know that prefilled pods provide a high level of convenience to novice vapers. But these devices can cost you more money in the long run compared to their refillable counterparts.

A typical e-liquid bottle costs the same amount of money like that of a JUUL pod, even though the former contains 30 times more liquid than the latter. Despite the fact that pre-filled pods are expensive than refillable pods, they are still cheaper than cigarettes. So, you would be better off in terms of monthly smoking costs when you switch to vaping.

Refillable Pods Provide Greater E-Liquid Flavor Variety

If you are a JUUL pod owner then you might already be aware of the fact that there aren’t many flavor options for closed-system vape pods. Refillable vape pod users, on the other hand, can use just about every type of e-liquid flavor.

For pre-filled pod users, they only have a limited number of single note flavors available at their disposal. In the US, JUUL users can only enjoy eight standard flavors. This means that you would feel restricted after some time once you have already tried out all the flavors.

For refillable vape pods, you would be able to find a diverse range of flavor profiles. From peach green tea to frozen lime drop, there are countless flavor options out there. Also, if you prefer sticking to the classics, then you can always purchase bold tobacco flavor products.

Refillable Pods Help Cut Back on Nicotine Levels

If you are like most people, you switched to vaping because you don’t want the negative effects of smoking cigarettes. Now that you have gone so far as to give up on smoking, you might as well focus on eliminating nicotine from your bloodstreams.

Using a refillable pod gives you the leverage of slowly reducing your nicotine intake. Each month you can reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. Before you know it, you would no more have the addiction of cranking up your blood nicotine levels each day.

Wrapping up

Now you know that you can make vapor with any type of pod vape system, but that’s not the only thing that most of us are after.

From usability to cost-effectiveness, various factors come into account when picking up a suitable vape pod system.

For first-time vapers, it is usually best to purchase a prefilled pod vape device. You won’t have to worry about manually filling up the pods every time you need to satisfy your nicotine need.

Once you get the hang of it, you can finally level up by purchasing a refillable pod vape unit. This would open up new dimensions for you regarding e-liquid flavor and taste. You would be able to come up with your own e-juice concoctions with these devices.

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