The 3 Best Carrier Oils For CBD Topicals

Anyone familiar with CBD (cannabidiol) knows about its great therapeutic effects. It helps cure multiple ailments, ranging from pain and inflammation to even tumors. Additionally, the side effects are minimal and not enough to warrant second guesses when taking CBD-infused products regularly.

The 3 Best Carrier Oils For CBD Topicals

The amount of CBD you can intake at one time has its limits, however. For instance, taking too much can negate the positive effects of the component, while inducing too little could waste an otherwise valuable dosage. Either way, CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties,
differentiating it from THC and its tendency to make users “high.”

With this in mind, one way to maximize the potency of CBD and reap all its benefits is through carrier oils. CBD in its purest form is simply white powder so by fusing it with natural oil, a proper dosage can be made and users will absorb the components in the healthiest way possible.

Since it's simpler to measure the amount of oil you intake, getting the proper dosage of CBD shouldn’t be a problem for the average user. It’s also easier for the body to break down, because CBD-infused oil would cling to a human body’s natural fat cells and absorb evenly.

Another edge to choosing CBD oil is the variety it comes in. Thanks to CBD’s natural origins, it easily binds to any sort of oil so customers may choose the product that suits them best, whether they prefer a certain scent or consistency.

Naturally, each kind of carrier oil has its own set of advantages. In some cases, the base oil itself may even complement the CBD dosage or add to the positive effects. Having the best of both worlds only adds to a user’s convenience and ultimately, his or her savings in the long run. From the multitude of CBD topicals, three stand out: coconut oil, jojoba oil, and emu oil. True to their natural ingredients, they offer several health benefits on top of the positive effects CBD presents. Let’s break them down:

‍Coconut oil

‍Of the three, coconut oil may be the most common carrier thanks to its neutral scent and high saturated fat. The former makes coconut oil popular among a wide user base, while the latter makes it easier for the body to absorb CBD directly through the liver.

In addition, coconut has its own set of healing properties, including anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory. Combining this with CBD makes this an instant win for users wanting an all- around solution to their ailments.

Jojoba oil

While not as popular as coconut oil, jojoba oil is another great option thanks to its versatility on all sorts of skin types. It also has anti inflammatory properties as well as the ability to heal broken skin.

When mixed with CBD, jojoba oil presents a combination that’s high in both vitamins and its ability to naturally cure ailments. As a bonus, this type of carrier oil doesn’t leave much residue on one’s skin, making it ideal as an apply-and-go solution.

Emu oil

While coconut oil does well as a neutral carrier and jojoba oil is highly versatile, emu oil prides itself in its efficient absorption and protective layer after application. Emu oil on its own already contains healing and anti-inflammatory properties, so adding CBD to the mix only bolsters the already-healthy substance.

Thanks to the quick absorption of emu oil, CBD is able to enter the skin much more efficiently than with other carriers. If faster results are your priority, this may likely be the best option for you.

How to use CBD topical oils

Because of the more widespread availability of CBD, most carrier oils sold online are easy to apply directly to the skin or scalp without the need for extra ingredients. As these topical oils became more common, their application has also become a lot simpler through time.

It’s best to read the label of the specific product you buy and understand how much is needed at a time and how often it should be applied. Rest assured, since we’re dealing with all-natural ingredients, relief should be instant and potential side effects very low.

Which is the right one for you?

Like any other set of products, there isn’t one oil to rule them all. It’s best to try any of the CBD topical oils above and see which one suits you after a fair period of time. Take note, however, that some effects may take more time than others.

If it works out, that’s great, but you may also try one of the other choices to see if it performs better for your specific needs. Just be sure to purchase from reputable brands and do proper research beforehand.

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