Various Health Advantages of Consuming CBD Oil


CBD (Cannabidiol) is the pure extract of cannabis plant available in different forms in the market. Unlike other cannabinoids extracted from hemp or marijuana plant, CBD Oil is not only safe but it is non-psychoactive also. CBD Oil includes no THC content unlike other cannabinoids, for this reason, it does not produce "high" effects. There is very little information available about the medical use of CBD Oil but some independent research studies report its potential health benefits. In our today's topic, we are going to discuss various health advantages of consuming CBD Oil, but first, we would like to discuss the possible mechanism of CBD Oil working in the body.

Mechanism of Working of the CBD Oil in human body

Though it is not medically proven, but CBD Oil works in the human body by interacting with the body's Endocannabinoid System. Endocannabinoid System is an additional immune system which is responsible for the regulation of many important functions of the body such as immune responses, pain and inflammation reception, emotions, sleep, memory, and hormonal changes.

CBD Oil interacts with Endocannabinoid System receptors to produce its effects. There are two main types of receptors of Endocannabinoid, CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. CBD Oil interacts with both these receptors and provides various health advantages.

Various Health Advantages of Consuming CBD Oil

According to several research studies done on the properties of CBD Oil, it can provide the following health advantages after its consumption.

CBD can relieve anxiety and depression:

According to research studies, CBD Oil is very much capable of alleviating anxiety and depression developed by different causes. Researchers propose that CBD Oil relief anxiety and depression by changing the response of some of the brain's receptors after interaction. Serotonin is the major receptors responsible for mental health and strongly related to anxiety and depression. Serotonin receptors are tiny proteins attached to the surface of your cell and help the CNS to respond to different stimuli.

CBD Oil interacts with Serotonin receptors and changes its response mechanism to relieve anxiety and depression. According to a research study, a 600 mg dose of CBD Oil is very effective in reducing social anxiety in patients. CBD Oil can reduce stress and decreases the physiological effects caused by anxiety and depression. CBD Oil found to be very effective against Insomnia and induces sleep.

 CBD Oil maybe act as an Anti-seizure agent:

Seizure can be a root cause of many serious diseases such as Epilepsy. Researches are ongoing on the effects of CBD Oil on Epilepsy patients. Up till now, the results are very satisfying. CBD is found to be effective and act as an Anti-seizure agent in patients suffering from Epilepsy. CBD Oil may be effective against some other seizure disorders also.

The CBD Oil effectiveness as an Anti-Seizure agent is proven by research studies. In a research study done back in 2016, 214 people suffering from epilepsy have received oral doses of CBD Oil of 2-5 mg. The results were really surprising, almost 40% of the patients have shown improvement.

 CBD Oil is Neuroprotective:

Nerve damages can lead to severe neurodegenerative disorders which can cause mental health problems and nerve deterioration. CBD Oil found to have strong Neuroprotective properties that can be utilized to secure nerves against any damage such as in Sciatica pain.

CBD Oil reacts with CB1 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System and alleviates the symptoms of following neurodegenerative diseases.

Multiple Sclerosis

Alzheimer's disease

Parkinson's disease


It is found by the research studies that CBD Oil has some anti-inflammatory properties also. Due to these properties, CBD Oil may also reduce the inflammation in nerves which can cause worsening of the neurodegenerative symptoms.

 CBD Oil can relieve any type of chronic pain:

As we have discussed earlier, CBD Oil produces its effects by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors. In case of pain relief, CBD Oil reacts with CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System and blocks the pain reception by the CNS (Central Nervous System) of the body. CBD Oil can relieve different types of chronic pain such as joint pain, pain due to chemotherapy in cancer, and headaches.

CBD Oil can also relieve Arthritis Pain, chronic pain, muscle pain, and spinal cord injuries. CBD Oil has many benefits over ordinary painkilling drugs. CBD Oil is not very much expensive at it has almost no side effects.

 CBD Oil provide Skincare benefits:

As we have discussed earlier, CBD Oil has strong Anti-Inflammatory properties and it can relieve overall inflammation in the body. These properties are very significant in the Skincare aspect. According to research studies, CBD Oil found to have some Anti-Acne effects and can remove acne from the skin. CBD Oil may be effective against wrinkles and warts in the skin by increasing oil secretion in Oil-producing glands.

Due to these properties of CBD Oil, it is now have gained more popularity in the Pharmaceutical industry.

 CBD Oil is helpful in Cancer treatment:

According to a research study, CBD Oil has been found to be effective in preventing Cancer cell growth, but still, the researchers are in the early stages. The NCI (National Cancer Institute) says that CBD oil may be effective in the alleviation of cancer symptoms and treatment side effects. CBD Oil may also be effective in reducing the ability of some types of tumor cells to reproduce.

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