Water Soluble CBD Powder Will Pave The Way In 2020

A lot of options are available these days when it comes to products that contain Cannabidiol or CBD. In the past, very few people have knowledge of a non-psychoactive cannabinoid but recently, CBD becoming a trend and the demand for its products is also rapidly increasing and many companies are taking advantage of it.

This allowed the production of a variety of CBD products from gummies, CBD-infused drinks, and even dog treats. But these oil-based products have some basic limitations such as bioavailability that may prevent its potentials.

Bioavailability is the amount or percentage of a drug or product that actually make it into the body when ingested or applied to the body. At the same time, these products may get washed out from the body unused. As what people say, oil and water don’t mix because of the difference in its properties.

An average adult body contains about 50-65% water, which is why CBD oil will naturally impervious in getting into the bloodstream. With the new approaches in science and technology, it became possible to create products that are able to break down oil particles and a new CBD based product was developed – water soluble CBD powder.

What is water-soluble CBD powder?

It is a water-compatible CBD based product developed with features that provide more effectivity and efficiency. It received an increase of interest from many companies as an alternative to oil-based CBD, it offers a lower cost per dose as compared to the earlier CBD based products.

In 2020, water-soluble CBD powder is expected to become the most in-demand wholesale product. Here are the reasons why:

There will be a great demand from companies wanting to use CBD in beverages and other water-based products.

The evolution of the consumers' preference is recently moving towards consumption of beverages made of natural products promoting social and environmental responsibilities. Many people have started to become conscious of their health. Thanks to the potential health benefits of CBD consumption, many people want it in their food and drinks.

By 2021, the beverage industry is projected to reach approximately $1.9 trillion; and another (more important) category under it, the organic beverage industry is estimated to increase by 8.3% in the next three years. Many of the biggest players in the industry showed their interest in CBD infused products, and some have gone as far as already testing them internally, but since the FDA hasn’t come up with solid rules on CBD, these giants are still monitoring the developments.

It is easy to mix, and it does not affect how the drink looks or tastes.

What makes this product exciting is because water-soluble CBD powders can mix very well with beverages and is easy to dissolve in water. Making it a very versatile CBD product that you can easily mix with almost everything whether hot or cold. It is practically DIY.

Some people mix it with their favorite coffee, some with tea, or even to their favorite protein shake. Some say that it is better to mix it with herbal drinks and tonics. With water-soluble CBD powder, you don’t have to worry that your drink will taste funny and different. You can take your drinks to the next level without changing the look of the drink. You won’t even know it’s there since it does not taste anything and would not change how your favorite drink tastes in any way.

Even with a small amount of this CBD product, it is still highly potent.

The bioavailability plays a big role in the effectivity and onset time of the products, especially those that are manufactured for health purposes. CBD products ingested orally only has a bioavailability of about 13 to 19%; because of this, a higher dosage will be needed to be able to get the optimum effect.

The ability of water-soluble CBD products to mix well with water makes it better than other CBD oil-based products because it has significantly higher bioavailability. The body will absorb the product faster and a faster onset means faster effect as well, making it more effective and more efficient, even with just a small amount.

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