What Is Chain Of Custody (CoC) And Why Is It So Important in CBD?

As a booming industry, an important factor needed for the success of a manufacturing company is transparency, security, and compliance. What better way to make sure that all these are met is by putting attention to the chain of custody?

What Is Chain Of Custody (CoC) And Why Is It So Important in CBD?

What is Chain of Custody?

Chain of custody or CoC is the timeline or sequential documentation that records the chronological order of the processes used in producing a CBD product. The CoC should start from the farm, where and how grown, the hemp processing, the purification process of the CBD, the isolation process, third-party lab testing, to product formulation, and all the manufacturing processes as well as where these processes where completed.

Here are 5 reasons why CoC is important in the process of manufacturing CBD:

It serves as proof of the quality of the seeds grown under good farming practices.‍

Manufacturing of CBD does not start with the extraction process. It starts with the farming of the hemp seeds. Now, there are different varieties of hemp seeds are being offered in the market, with characteristics that are different from each other, depending on the purpose of its production. Hemp farmers prefer feminized strains of hemp seeds to be able to produce a higher amount of CBD.

With the CoC, it would be easier to identify and confirm that the CBD is from the US. Especially that there are untrustworthy manufacturing companies would claim that the CBD is from the US, when in fact, it was imported with an unknown background.

It guarantees that the product is safe from pesticides.

‍ CBD has been garnering attention because of its many potential health benefits, that is why it is important to make sure that the soil, water, and environment where the hemp plant was grown has no dangerous substances because it is possible for the plant to absorb it as well.

Pesticides are the most dangerous substance that can be found in CBD products. Pesticides are chemical compounds that are used in farming, that is definitely hazardous to health when ingested. The effect of pesticides may range from nausea to allergic reaction to chronic health diseases.

It confirms that the information on the label is correct.

Although the information will show in the certificate of analysis, laboratory testing is still part of the events included in the chain of custody. A lot of CBD manufacturing companies mislabel the products. Some products may more CBD than the amount listed on the label, some contain other components such as other cannabinoids that are also not listed in the label, and most of the time, it contains much less CBD than what is printed on the label.

With the information on the CoC, it is easier to find out what happened, and which processed messed up that had resulted in the product with incorrect information.

It makes sure that there are no traces of THC in the product.

The method of purifying and isolating CBD is an important part of the process of manufacturing CBD products. This process determines the amount of THC and other substances that remained in the CBD.

Finding a pure CBD isolate with no trace of THC is significant especially to those who are sensitive to THC. THC is psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant; the hemp plant has a lower concentration of THC compared to marijuana. CBD products that still contain THC is called a full-spectrum CBD. This product can only contain up to 0.3% THC.

It is an important proof.

Even though disasters are unlikely to happen to manufacturers with good manufacturing protocol, the chances are still not zero. The CoC allows traceability on all the stages the product has gone through. It is proof that the product has been certified and has passed the processes without any problems. This is also important in a recall plan.

In any case that it was proven that there was something wrong with the batch of CBD products during the review of the chain of custody, it would be easier to recall the products from the market quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

While other manufacturing companies sacrifice the quality of the products in order to achieve higher profit, allowing customers and potential customers to access the chain of custody is a rational approach to assure the quality, purity, and cleanliness of the CBD products. It is an assurance of a reputable manufacturing company that will build trust not only between the manufacturer and its customers but with potential customers as well.

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