Why Are People Using CBD for Joint Pain?

Cannabidiol is not new, but it has quite a bit of new-found popularity. The uproar is for quite a good reason—many people are finding relief from symptoms of chronic conditions, like pain and inflammations. In fact, many people are using it to treat one very common ailment—joint pain.

One person was so enthused by their great experience, they went to Reddit with their results. The user claimed that he is a 40-year-old male suffering from psoriatic arthritis, a condition that used to wake him up 20-30 time each night.

After consulting several doctors and even undergoing sleep studies, he decided to give cannabidiol a try. He started with a twice-daily dose of 4mg and noted changes to his pain levels after only the second dose. The user claims that he is now sleeping through the night and feeling dramatically decreased pain in his joints.

These aren’t isolated results, either. Many people are using CBD oil for their arthritis or other joint pain with positive results. But how does it work to relieve pain and why is CBD so useful for people suffering joint pain? Many researchers have set out to explain it.

CBD Blocks Pain Signals

CBD may be generally useful for treating all types of pain, ranging from mild to severe pain and including pain due to chronic conditions. CBD may also help treat pain due to injury or post-operative recovery. But how does cannabidiol help decrease pain levels for these patients? By blocking pain signals.

Studies show that CBD is able to bind with certain neurotransmitters in the brain. By binding at the receptor site, cannabidiol may be able to block future transmissions for a period of time. This is how CBD blocks pain signals to reduce pain or prevent pain from happening from the start. Some researchers even suggest that cannabidiol may be such an effective option for pain relief, that it may be useful as an alternative to pain-relieving opiates.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

In a similar manner to the way cannabidiol blocks pain signals, it also blocks the signals that incite inflammation. Many researchers have been interested in CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation for all types of ailments, including arthritis and joint pain. One study identified both of the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis (CBD and THC) as anti-inflammatory options. Other studies found that the Endocannabinoid System, or the bodily system that cannabinoids interact with, plays a big role in the onset and relief of inflammation.

CBD for Joint Pain is an All-Natural Option

Because of its combination of pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, cannabidiol may be an alternative to other options used to treat joint pain. Many people reach for the over the counter NSAIDs and painkillers, while others have prescription strength pain medicine for treating their joint pain. However, these medications can come with nasty side effects.

Many NSAIDs and over-the-counter pain medications can cause side effects like stomach ulcers, headaches, liver damage, dizziness, a tendency to bleed heavier after injuries, and more. Prescription medications can come with their own set of side effects. Many opiates and prescription strength painkillers can result in dependency and even death due to accidental misuse or interactions with other medications.

Unlike these medications, cannabidiol is an all-natural option derived from the cannabis plant. The potential effects of cannabidiol still need to be researched, but one study confirmed the safety profile of the supplement. This study listed tiredness, diarrhea, weight changes, and appetite changes as the most common side effects. When looking at anecdotal evidence, the most serious side effects generally include tiredness or headaches, which can possibly be linked to too high of a dose. Because of its suggested safety profile, many people opt for CBD in place of other medications, especially when using it to treat joint pain every day.

Should You Use CBD for Joint Pain?

If you think you might benefit from CBD for joint pain, talk to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to help you review your personal health profile to determine if cannabidiol is right for you. If you and your doctor decide to move forward with cannabidiol for joint pain, your doctor will help you design a CBD routine that fits your lifestyle and health needs.

CBD has many potential uses and benefits and could be a solution to your daily mild to severe joint pain. Many people use cannabidiol regularly to combat serious ailments, like rheumatoid arthritis. Many athletes reach for the all-natural supplement to help ease the pain of sore muscles and joints after a competition of heavy workout. If you suffer from daily joint pain and like the idea of an all-natural treatment routine, CBD may be the right option for you.

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